"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Along The Park Way and Playing with Buttons and Yo-Yo's

Here are some photos of our parkway where we have sown various seeds and a few have done well, like the California Poppies called tropical sunset. The seeds are from Renee's Garden.
Also, the Spanish Lavender has done really well and these were sown from seeds a few years ago. A Renee's Garden seeds also.
The photos of the lavender were taken a few weeks ago and this morning I gave the bushes a good trimming.
Very pretty poppy colors and this fall I will be tossing more seeds along with wild flowers seeds along the park way. I hope to have less weeds and more beneficial flowers there.
This week have have been playing with some buttons and . . . . .

the yo-yo that I have made from left over material from projects. I have a little bag and I just toss them in there. I used a few to make a cover for the shelf where I have my microwave. It really needed a new cover. Here is a card I made a while back using a yo-yo, here.

Just something for now until I buy material for new curtains for my kitchen windows.
Before I hung the cover I thought this was a cute design for a apron. I have left over material and what I used for coverings is material that I purchased at Jo-ann fabric store. It is called Roc-Lon muslin, unbleached. 100% cotton and regular price at $1.99 a yard, but I had my 50% coupon. : ) So I will be in my scrap basket of material and see what else I can come up with.

Here is some left over cherry fabric from several projects back. I will be making another cover and something else. Below is an apron that I made a couple of years ago. I think it is time to make some new ones.

In the garden I have one little Hungarian pepper staring to grow.
I'm making one of my favorite pasta dishes tonight, chicken in a creamy sun-dried tomato and white wine sauce. Also, will be some of this beautiful lettuce mix. Seeds are from Botanical Interests called Black Seeded Simpson and lettuce mesclun "valentine". This will be a second cutting.
I hope in September to sow more lettuce seeds.

I hope you are having a nice day and the weather here is still very grey. But it was a perfect day to do some good garden maintenance. I also feed all the roses with E.B. Stone rose and flower food. Just a reminder for you gardeners to keep feeding your garden. : )
Bye for now.


Julie said...

Oh, gosh, that curtain is adorable! I love ric rac...and need to do something with it myself...such an old fashioned thing and so sweet!

Your older cherry apron is really cute!!! Adorable.

I just love watching you sew and create such beautiful cards, flowers and fabric creations!!!

Maybe in a few years I can fly to CA (a central location) and all my blog pals from there could come meet me! That would be the happiest day of my life! We could meet somewhere, like a zoo, and have lunch and play all day!

Oh...I saw a few mini roses at Lowes today, and my Mom managed to talk me out of them. I will have to sneak back over there without her. Or buy them online...I think I will go check out Jackson Perkins now...
xoxo- Julie

HolyScrap said...

I love Yo-Yo flowers, yours look adorable...great applications.