"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brilliant Pink Iceberg Rose Bush

Here are some photos of my Brilliant Pink Iceberg Rose bush that we planted in front of our home back in January 2009, here.
It has grown a lot and the sprays for pink clusters of roses are just beautiful. Last week I just need to take time and take some photos of them.

Lots of buds and the more I trim the more it produces.

The petals are so sweet.

Yesterday I decided to get a bouquet of them for the living room table.
I left the unopened buds as part of the bouquet. Very sweet roses. I do have more roses to show you, but I need to sort through the photos. I just took so many. A few of the newer rose are beginning to bloom along with the patio roses.
The weather this week has been a lot cooler (heavy drizzle on Monday) and our hot weather has gone away for now. Perfect weather for weeding the garden.

Thanks for your visit and want to wish you a beautiful Easter.

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Julie said...

This is sure a gorgeous girl! The shade of pink is so nice! Glad you can gather such beautiful bouquets of roses...that is grand! BTW...I love your Song of Soloman verse at top of your blog...perfect for this time of year!