"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hydrangeas and Gardenias

On the North side of the house and where it is cooler, I have two hydrangea bushes and one gardenia bush. Here are some photo of one of the hydrangeas.

This was bought several years ago at a nursery in Half Moon Bay, a beautiful place to visit. This bush give me beautiful shades of purple, greens, pinks and violets. I love hydrangeas and I wish that I had more area that I could grow them. I have tried growing them in containers and have not had any luck. They need room to grow and it gets to hot in our back yard for them.
Love the buds on them.

This is probably my favorite color combination. Would love to have a room this color. Maybe my bathroom.

Right next to the hydrangeas is one lonely gardenia bush. The bush is not doing as well as before and I think it is a combination of soil and not enough sun. But it still gives beautiful flowers and they smell is amazing. My Hubby says it is what Heaven must smell like.

In the summer mornings you can smell them through our open bedroom window.
I forgot to show you my hand made flowers. Left over papers from my cards that I just posted. They were fun to make.
Thanks for the visit and I will be showing you more of the garden soon.
Have a great day.

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Julie said...

Hydrangeas are so lovely! That purple combo is really pretty! Same thing here...too hot for them. You could try some silk ones in your bathroom!!! :) Just a thought!!! :)