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" Van Gogh

Monday, June 20, 2011

San Gabriel Arcangel Mission

What a beautiful weekend for Father's Day. The weather was perfect and my Husband wanted to take a trip to one of California's Missions. The Mission is San Gabriel Arcangel and not far from us either. We love our Mission and have visited 17 of the 21 Missions so far. So here are some photos.

Always need to take a photo of the Mission bells. This Mission is still active and while we were there, they had several wedding parties there taking photos. We were unable to look inside of the Church due to a wedding going on inside.
This stairway leads to the the choir loft at the back of the church.
Photos along the Santo Cemetery that is the oldest cemetery in Los Angeles County. This was first consecrated in 1778.
The grapevine that was planted in 1925 that you see the grapes hanging from above.

Like all the Missions, this one has seen its share of damage from age and earthquakes.
A statue of Father Junipero Serra, a Franciscan missionary. He founded in 1769 Mission San Diego de Alcala. During the next 54 years, the Spanish padres established a chain of 21 missions in California to convert the Native American to Christianity. The missions stretched along the coast from San Diego to Sonoma, North of San Francisco Bay.

A Mission cat.

A replica of a grass hut the Tongva Indians lived in that worked at the Mission. This Mission has a cemetery where they are buried here along with the Claretian Missionary Priests and Brothers who have served at the Mission.

In front of this statue is a palm like bush (the best way I can describe it) that flowers the most beautiful flower.

Unfortunately, they did not have this one tagged with a name. I tried looking for one. So the search is on to find the name. So if anyone out their can help, please feel and leave a comment. This was a surprise to see this beauty there. Just love the color. Amazing indeed.
They have twine to help hold the flower stocks from falling. A few have fallen as you can see.

Photo shows according to the map of the church, ruins of the original bell tower are to the left of the doors.

I hope you enjoyed these photos. It was a very peaceful place to be. Here is a post that I did a while back on a trip to Carmel. It has a few photos of Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmello. Unfortunately the rest of the photos of the other Mission we visited, I did not have a digital camera or a blog at that time. I hope to be able to revisit a few of the Mission and share them with you.
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young-eclectic-encounters said...

Wonderful tour of the mission- beautiful photos and great narration. Glad to have found your blog. I found you through 'A Succulent Life'

Julie said...

I absolutely love missions!!! You got some wonderful photos! We visited one in Mission Valley area when we were out in CA a few years ago...it had the lovely bells outside as well. I had posted the pics back then...maybe I can find them