"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Year Flew Bye

This weekend I spent some time looking through Opie's first year of photos. It was a year ago that we took a nice drive up North to pick up our little guy. We are so in love with him. He still acts like a puppy.
Here is another view of the Patio Tree Rose that I blogged about on my last post. Just full of pretty yellow roses.
Here are the Roma tomatoes and they are looking nice and healthy.
Another photo of the Early Prolific Straightneck summer squash. Seeds from Botanical Interests.
Just a quick post. Hope to have some cards to show you. I have been thinking of Christmas already.


Julie said...

I am wondering about this squash...does it grow on a bush that does not vine??? It looks like I might be able to grow it in a bucket if I brought the soil to the top??? Does it climb at all? I will have to order seeds and have them ready for October here. Sounds like fun! Your's look fantastic!

Julie said...

Thanks for all of the info, Bobbie Lynn! I am going to plant some this weekend in buckets and have a tomato cage around the buckets...I think I will try one in each bucket. Then I read where one guy planted 10 yardlong bean pants in one 5 gallon bucket and he has them growing on a trellis! I am going to buy some 8ft. wooden trellises and attach them to my chain link fence and do the same thing...only I think I will grow 5 plants in each bucket and do two buckets. I am really excited over all of this! I owe it all to you! Finding out about this squash is amazing!!! On Saturday I will get them all planted!!!!! :)

Julie said...

Oh, and Opie...you are just such a doll!!! I love you!!!

Bev C said...

Happy Days to Opie, that year has certainly flown by. Your garden looks so great. I haven't grown squash for quite a while.
happy days.