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" Van Gogh

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Garden 2011

Just wanted to show you some photos of the garden. The weather here in Southern California is hot and humid. So most of the gardening is done in the very early morning hours or evening.
Here is the Early Prolific Straightneck summer squash (Botanical Interests seeds). I have two growing at the moment and this one here I did not use one of the tomato cages to prop it up. It's amazing how large the leaves are.

This one here is doing good so far being propped up with the cage.

This is the perfect size squash. Steamed some for dinner last nigh.
The tomatoes (Italian Roma bush-Botanical Interests seeds) are amazing and each bush as a lot of tomatoes.
Here are the "Marketmore "cucumber, Botanical Interests seeds. The ones with the cages were started in the ground. The other two were sowed in peat pot. The ones that I started in the ground sprouted in a few days. So far they look very healthy and this weekend I need to get some trellis for them.
This happened last year with a few of the bell peppers. They looked scorched by the sun. Anyone of you have had this problem?
The jalapenos are just about ready to be picked.
The full sized bush of the Marigold French (favourite blend), Botanical Interests seeds.
Very pretty colors here. I think of Fall when I see Marigolds.
I hope everyone is having a nice day. Thanks the visit.


young-eclectic-encounters said...

I too have to garden in the morning or evening because of the heat- ypou have a gorgeous garden and I really like the idea of using tomato cages for my squash- never saw it suggested before but it looks like it is helpful and would make picking them easier. Thanks for sharing
Johnina :^A

Julie said...

I just can't get over how those squash grow!!! I must try them soon!!!