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" Van Gogh

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Marigolds and Around the Flower Beds

These marigold are called "French favourite blend" seeds by Botanical Interests. This is the first time for me to have the "French favourite" in the garden.
I have two of them and as you can see they grow to a pretty nice size.

The flowers are smaller on the "Favourite Blend".
The other marigold is in between the roses and it has not bloomed as much as the one in the raised bed. I'm surprised at the fullness. A good filler of green but I think I would like to see more and larger flowers on each plant.
The next photos of marigolds are called "Bonanza Mix". I purchased these in a six pack at Armstrong about three weeks ago. They have done well in the bed outside our front door. The flowers are larger and they have a lot of new buds on each plant.

The next bed over are a couple more marigold plants, yellow columbine and the "Pink Brilliant" iceberg rose bush.
"Pink Brilliant" iceberg rose.
While doing some morning weeding, I thought I would show you one of the border roses called "Carefree Sprit". I posted a few photos of the rose bush on my blog , dated May 14, 2010. I love the flowers on it, just a few petals, yellow centers and the red is a deep red too.

And my favorite mini rose bush is having another beautiful blooming cycle.
It is planted next to my French lavender and another yellow mini rose bush.

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