"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Morning

Here is a morning photo of a beautiful sunrise here in Southern California. At the moment we are have some hot days, but by next week it should cool down.
Here are some photos of Opie and during his morning walk.
Opie love this park and it's one of his favorite places to be walked.

Played with the ball in the back yard after our walk then it was in the pen for a while so I could do some gardening. Opie needs to be in the pen because he will not leave the wood chips alone or stay out of the mud.
Good boy Opie.

Here are some herbs and veggies staring to grow.

The brussels sprouts are starting to sprout. The seeds are from Botanical Interests called "Long Island Improved". I need to start looking in the vegetable area where they will go and when to sow more of them. Sowing for them is from late summer to early spring.
Hubby put up the mesh fencing last weekend and we added some compost to the area too.
This morning I planted the Pea Snaps in the ground. These are called "Sugar Snap" and the seeds are also from Botanical Interests. The seeds were sowed on September 21st.
Some rose photos for you.

Have a beautiful weekend.


Julie said...

I will try to have a beautiful weekend...it just won't be quite as beautiful as yours there in my favorite and MOST beautiful place in the world!!! :)

Gorgeous roses. That is a cool climbing fence you have. I love it and want one. Will look online.

That looks like a lovely park for Opie to walk in! Open green space...makes you just want to have a picnic on a blanket!!!

Bev C said...

Hello Bobbie Lynn,
Wow that first photo of the sunrise is stunning. Opie certainly is very photogenic,he has a great park to walk in. Did you get those other roses identified?
Happy days.