"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday Morning In The Garden

Just a few photos of the beautiful Yves Piaget - hybrid tea on my garden break.

This rose bush is growing out wide then upright, so far. I can see several of these planted along a long white wood fence.

A nice warm October morning.

Now for more information about my Marigold bush "Marigold French "Favourite blend". From Botanical Interests.
This bush is hugh. It is about 4 feet wide.
It is starting to crowed a few of my roses bushes, not good but I did not realize how wide it was going to get.
A lot of green but the blooms are overtaken by the green foliage.
A persecutive of size. Hubby is 5' 11.
Some photos of the potted Rose Gilardi.
It will get repotted this year.
Thanks for your visit. Have a wonderful day. : )

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Julie said...

That is a HUGE marigold bush!!! Dang. I love those blooms...so beautiful!!! You better save those seeds. I have been throwing my dead heads on the soil as I pull them off and my yellow marigolds are just multiplying!!!

Gorgeous roses...yes I can see the wide one along a white fence too...would be amazing, eh???