"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Monday, October 24, 2011

Some Fall Gardening

Another perfect day to do some gardening and picture taking also. I find it hard to take a nice photo of some of my roses that are bright color.
Today was the perfect photo day for this mini rose here. This is the oldest rose in my yard. We have it in a large container and it is due for a new container soon.
It is a beautiful coral mini and blooms up until-till Christmas time. No, I do not have the name for this one either. But it is on the "todo" list in the category "Need to Identify".

Such a pretty mini to have and love the color.
A photo of my only raised bed. I'm thinking I want another one but one that it taller for vegetables that have long roots. Just added some shredded redwood bark to it. Love the smell of redwood bark. I have one the the nasturtiums along with the lettuce.
This is a new sprout of a brussels sprouts.
This is the Black Seeded Simpson lettuce. The lettuce is really taking its time at growing.
The "Valentine" mesclun lettuce. Will start to sow more and often.
The nasturtium leaves look like little lilly pads. In the raised bed I have the "Mahogany".
But there a tiny caterpillar that loves to eat my leave on the potted nasturtiums. So far the ones that I have planted in the grown seem to be fine.

Next week I will start to add these to the ground or containers. One of the Sugar snap peas that I planted in the ground did not make it, it happens. The other two seem to be doing well and I have more seedling starting to pop up.
Here is my boy. What a good boy.
Thanks for stopping by and hope to have more garden photos to share with you soon.


Julie said...

First, "Hi Opie"!!!
Second, I love that pumpkin card on your sidebar that says to take time to watch the leaves turn. I kinda did that today after work...I went over and sat on my Moms front porch and stared at palm trees swaying in the breeze. (Leaves don't really change here). It felt good though...I am thinking I will take 10 minutes to do this after work and before going home.

That sure is a gorgeous coral mini rose...can there be anything prettier??? Well, yeah I guess there could be, but it might be hard to find. That does not include Opie, cause he is not prettier, but handsomer!!! Hehehehe.

Bev C said...

Oh that unknown rose is beauitul I would just call her "Coral".
Hope the vegies continue to grow.
Happy gardening with Opie.