"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gardening In Winter

I know, it really does not look like Winter but it is. Photos taken over the weekend and yesterday we had some nice rain. According to our rain gauge we received 3/4".
The snap peas pods. It has been a slow start but I hope by next month the garden will start to fill.

Transplanted into the vegetable area the three larger brussels sprouts. Now I need to keep those white little moths away. They just love to eat ways at my garden.

Cleared out the tomatoes and I will start to sow them in late February. Yep, I am already thinking of my summer garden. I have in my new garden book that next month I need to look through my seed catalogs and see what I want to grown for the summer.
One of the smaller brussels sprouts. I have about five more about this size. Next month they will join the other three.
The red kalanchoe has a lot of buds.
A couple of photos of my maple leaf geranium. Need to dusting this one also to keep the moths away.
Just getting the house ready for my Daughter to come home this weekend. That is my Christmas present. : )

A photo of my little Christmas tree. Very hard to get a good picture of it. I was going to buy a larger one, but Opie is not ready for one. Maybe next year. He was terrified when I took this one out of of the box.
Thanks for the visit and hope you have a wonderful day.


Julie said...

All the garden looks wonderful! I can see little Opie now...all scared of the tree. I like my little table top one as well. Yours is lovely...the tinsel is perfect!

Bev C said...

Beautiful garden produce Bobbie Lynn. Seeing Opie scared reminded me of our cat Clyde being scared of the ceiling fan the first time he saw it. Happy days.