"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Spring Bouquet of 2012

Here is the first bouquet of roses for that I picked yesterday morning. The first for the Spring season. Last years bouquet was much larger. You can them here on last years post. There are some nice buds on the rest of the roses bushes and I hope to be bringing them in before the rains this weekend. I just want them to open up a bit more on the rose bushes.

The bouquet of Pink Peace, cluster of Pillow Fight, Tuscan Sun, Pope John Paul II and Sweet Surrender.

I love my fiestaware espresso cups and saucers and a pretty vase that Hubby picked up for me on one of his business trips many years ago.

This morning a few of the buds have open on some of the flowers.

Tuscan Sun and a cluster of Pillow Fight roses.
Hope you have a beautiful day. Thank you for your visit.


Julie said...

Beautiful!!!!!...nice start to Spring, eh?????

Down by the sea said...

Those roses are amazing such a beautiful collection.How long do your rose bushes flower for?
I notice in your blog picture at the top you can see roses and easter eggs, it seems strange in England as our roses won't flower until May or June!
Sarah x