"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Early Morning Photos and Cornflower "Blue Boy"

I did pick a nice steam of Columbines for my rose arrangement.

 It was a beautiful morning.

 Looking outside my bedroom window, all the buds of the columbines have opened up.  So pretty to look out and see some happy colored flowers.
 I am also happy to see my one and only Cornflower plant that has started to bloom.  I planted several seeds but this is the only one that survived and I am happy to have in my garden.
 The seeds are from Renee's Garden and they are called heirloom cornflowers "blue boy".

 The bees are having a good time in the roses.
 The parsley is beginning to bolt.  These make some pretty flowers.  I will sow more in the fall.

Happy Easter Everyone.

"Each Spring, God Renews His Promise.
Long, long ago in a land far away,
There came the dawn of the first Easter Day,
And each year we see that promise reborn
That God gave the world on that Easter morn...

For in each waking flower and each singing bird,
the promise of Easter is witnessed and heard,
And Spring is God's way of speaking to men
And renewing the promise of Easter again,
For death is a season that man must pass through
And, just like the flowers, God wakens him, too...

So why should we grieve when our loved ones die,
For we'll meet then again in a "cloudless sky" -
For Easter is more than a beautiful story,
It's the promise of life and eternal glory".
~Helen Steiner Rice

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