"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thank You Sarah

I just wanted to say "thank you" to Sarah at "Down by the Sea". She nominated my blog for a sweet award "Liebster Blog". Unfortunately, I am unable to transfer the award onto my blog.  I am not sure why and I have tried.  This award was for blogs that had 200 followers and less.  I am to pass the award on to 5 of my favorites, very hard to do.  So her are my nominations:

Kainga Hppenings: Bev's blog shows her beautiful family, home and garden in Western Australia.  She also enjoys quilting, sewing, stitchery and so on.

A Succulent Life: Julie's blog shares her love of family, gardening and some wonderful succulents too.  She enjoys crafting, cooking and is a Grandma of two adorable Grandchildren.

Imagine the Possibilities: Jowilna Nolte, I found her blog in a "Take Ten" magazine about a year ago.  I really like her beautiful cards and layouts.  She is an author too.

Eleanor and Ruby: Leisa shares her garden, family and home in Toowoomba, Queensland Australia.  She is also enjoys sewing and embroidery.

Mel Designs: Melony Bradley's blog is amazing.  Under the definition of "Crafter" you would find Melony's picture.  She is a very inspirational crafter.

I'm sorry that I can not load the award image.   : (  But I just want to say to the above blogs and my other blogs that I follow, that you ALL INSPIRE ME and take me to some beautiful places with your photos. I enjoy reading your blogs and hope I can continue to blog for a long time.

So thank you Sarah again, Please visit Sarah's blog where you will see beautiful photos of Dorset, United Kingdom.  Plus her home and garden and also her tabby cat named twinkle and a West Highland terrier named Daisy, she is OMG adorable.

To everyone have a wonderful day.


Julie said...

Thanks Bobbie Lynn!!! So sweet of you!!! I will go and try to pick up the award to place on my blog. I also want to visit the blogs here that you mentioned that like stitching and embroidery! Thanks for that.
xoxo- Julie

Melony Bradley said...

Wow Bobbie Lynn! Thanks for the nomination! Mostly congrats on your award, such an honor. Your posts and particularly your photos are amazing. Keep up the terrific work

Bev C said...

Thanks so much Bobbie Lynn, I can smell the perfume from your roses from WA.

Happy days.

Adam Thomas said...

Awesome blog.Keep blogging.What a garden.Its too amazing.
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