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" Van Gogh

Friday, June 29, 2012

In The Garden

Photo of my bean poles which are starting to produce nicely.
 Zinnia planted next to the tomato plants.
 My summer squash plants are having some difficulty this year.  Getting the flowers and then the small squashes start to form but then they fall off.  Well see if the few squashes that are on there now will mature.  If not there are a few things that maybe a factor.  Too much watering, not enough sun (a new area for them), or not enough bees so the plant aborts fruit.  Hubby read in an article if the flowers do not get the bees that pollinate  plant, the plant will just abort the young fruit.  Here is the article.  I will give them a few more weeks and if they seem to be doing the same thing, I will pull them out.  I will plant more flowers there.
 But the cucumbers are doing nicely.  I have two plants and they have a lot of cucumbers on them.
 My container area is doing great and the bell pepper has some small peppers on the plant.  Hope they do well.  I do not have too much luck with peppers.  They container sunflowers have nice buds on them.  I will be sowing more in the raised be soon.
 This is a pinwheel zinnia plant.  I have more planted in front of the house.  The seed packet is a mixed color variety. This one looks orange.
 Busy little guy on the roses.  Now go and pollinate my summer squash plants.    : )

 The cornflower plant is still giving me nice flowers but you can see the plant is starting to seed.

 The seeds are enjoyed by this little guy.  Too bad I do not have a better camera.  The bees also love the corn flower plant.  Next year they will be back in the garden.
Thank you for your visit and have a nice weekend.

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Down by the sea said...

I enjoy the visit around your vegetable patch, hope you will soon have lots to pick. I'm amazed that the cornflowers are still flowering it seems a long time ago you showed us your first pictures.
Have a great weekend.
Sarah x