"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Sunday, August 26, 2012


 Here are few photos of Our four legged little guy named Opie.  Full name, "Rincon - Mayberry Son, Opie".
 A very sweet personality and just full of energy from the moment He wakes up in the morning.
Opie loves his walks, running after his toys and chasing lizards and butterflies outside, but is afraid of flies.  If one is in the house Hubby and I have to get rid of it ASAP!  Funny.
 In this photo, Opie is trying to get my attention to chase him around the house.
No matter where I am at in the house he is right by my side.  My faithful little friend.

Here is a short video of him playing with an empty water container. He is over two years old.


Bev C said...

So cute Opie, do you fetch the paper each morning too.

Happy days.

Suzanne said...

Adorable. Those eyes, how could you resist such a cutie?! XX

Down by the sea said...

It's lovely to see so more pictures and videos of Opie. He is such a lovely dog. After watching the clip it showed so other videos you had previously done. Daisy started barking when she heard Opie barking on one but she went all coy when I tried to show her the video!
Sarah x

Julie said...

That picture of him with the rawhide bone is fantastic! Is it framed??? Good one for the wall!!! So handsome!

The video is adorable.....he handles that big plastic jug so well.