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" Van Gogh

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tried A New Recipe

Tried a new recipe from one of my favorite chiefs, Jacques Pepin.  A new way to prepare salmon and it was putting in a food processor to make salmon burgers. The recipe came from Jacques Pepin More Fast Food My Way.  Very simple ingredients of white sandwich bread (cubes), chopped scallions, salt and black pepper all into the food processor along with the fish. The recipe did call for diced white mushrooms but I did not add them in.  Sides of stake fries, salad and some tartar sauce which made a simple meal on a very hot day.

I think this would make a good appetizer too, just make them smaller along with some dipping sauce.


Suzanne said...

Yum, the look delicious! And easy too, I'm all for quick and easy!

Down by the sea said...

We have recently started enjoying salmon burgers but have been buying them. This looks a nice simple and quick recipe I will have to try it . Thanks for sharing.
Sarah x