"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A New Year

 Happy 2013 and hope your Christmas was happy and healthy.  Mine, very nice.

Just a few photos to show you what is going on in my garden.  Not much but a few things. My first bouquet for for this year.  A tiny bouquet but pretty.  Last fall I planted sweet peas.  This week the first showing of color on one of the vines.  Also in this tiny bouquet are some "Virginia stock" (Botanical interests seeds).
 There are two Sweet Pea varieties planted one is called "wedding blush" and the other "bouquet blend".  The plants all look very healthy so far.  I hope in a few months I will be picking tons of sweet peas.  Seeds are from Botanical Interests.

 In my raised bed I have some "toy choy" along with carrots, parsley and lettuce. Will be sowing more soon.

A few of the carrots.  They are "carnival blend" by Botanical interests.  The seed packets show purple and yellow carrots too.  So far it have only picked white and orange.

I almost forgot to add these photos.  Here are some container sweet peas called "villa Roma cerise", seed from Botanical interests.

 Love the color too.
 Maybe I will sow a few more.  Perfect for any small garden.  I hope they will bush out more.

The forecast for Southern California: may see some night time temps drop to 30 degrees and lower for this weekend.  I may lose my sweet peas.  : (   Hubby and I will be moving most of our containers into the garden shed and cover the raise bed.  We have had some nice rains and cooler weather starting in December and January looks the same.  Hope this means a longer Spring and that would be nice.

I have been busy also with crafting and sewing and I will be posting photos soon.  I will be getting back to reading your blogs.  I tried during the holidays but was too busy.  So I have a lot of catching up to do.  For now, I want to wish you good health and joy this new year.

Thank you for your visit.  Blessings!


Down by the sea said...

Hi Bobbie Lynn,
Happy new year and welcome back! It is lovely to see the first flowers of the year from your garden. We would consider sweet peas and carrots to be summer crops here.
Thank you for thinking of us.
Sarah x

Julie said...

Hi Bobby Lynn! Wow...your gardens look so beautiful!!! Happy to see all your lovely vegies too! I heard how chilly it is gonna be (or already is) in southern California! Looking forward to seeing your crafts. Thanks for turning me on to the mini roses!!!