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" Van Gogh

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sweet Peas - "Wedding Blush or Bouquet Blend"

 In the garden a few of the sweet pea vines are flowering more and about every other day I can pick a nice bunch for the house.  I really hope the rest of the vines do well.  The weather here in Southern California will be nice a sunny for next seven days.
 I did sow two different varieties called "wedding blush" and "bouquet blend".  I think the ones that are flowering  are the "wedding blush".  Both varieties have a mix of colors with very long stems,  perfect for cutting.  It has been a while since I've had sweet peas in my garden.  

Here is a photo of the "virginia stocks"  in a narrow area long the one side of the garage.  They filled in nicely and I do pick these for nice little bouquets.  These were sown directly into the ground. Seeds by Seeds by Botanical Interests.

I just received by latest issue of Victoria magazine and on page 35 is an article and recipes on the rainbow carrots.  The once that I am growing are called "carnival blend".  They have all most the same color mix.  I guess each seed company may name their blend differently. I did pick another bunch and again, no purple or red.  I do have another row and they maybe ready in the next week or two.  The smell when you pull them from the ground is amazing. A wonderful fresh scent of home grown carrots.

That carrot cake is beautiful and looks yummy too.  Have a wonderful day and thank you for your visit


Petra said...

Oohh that cake looks lovely I made some carrotcake. Not so nice as did won but de taste is great. And your lathyrus is beautiful and so a nice color. Have a good sunday, greetings Petra,

Suzanne said...

Beautiful sweet peas, lovely to have a picture of summer (cold and snowy in the UK.XX

Wedding Road said...

Hi! Lovely peas!
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Julie said...

Now there is something to put your homegrown carrots into!!! CAKE!!!!! YUMMMM!!!

I haven't made a fresh carrot cake in years...maybe 10 or more, I bet! This is inspiring!

The Sweet Peas in the vase are so adorable and SWEET! Very beautiful!

It has been rainy here and now we are expecting a cold front down into the 30's on the weekend!!! Enjoy your sunshine out there!!! ;)

xoxo- Julie

Down by the sea said...

How I wish I was picking sweet peas and enjoying their perfume - it is still to cold to sow them here!
Sarah x