"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Monday, April 1, 2013

What's Growing In My Garden?

A lot of pretty flowers.  I have not had in a long while spring flowers growing at the same time.  A few of them have self-sown themselves. The above flowers are some of the "Virginia" stock flowers.  I did tuck a few here and their in the front bed and they seem to be doing well. They look nice along with the pansies and pinwheel zinnias.
A few of the pinwheel zinnias did some self-sowing.

So did the larkspurs. I did not pick any of the flowers from last year.  They were only a few and I wanted to see if they would self-sow themselves and they did.    I have some in the back yard too but they have not bloomed yet.
Here is my "pillow fight" rose bush.

Now in the backyard I have a few nasturtiums that have popped up here in between the pavers.

One in the corner of the raised bed.  I had orange ones in the bed last year ("fiesta blend" variety) and this one is a pretty butter yellow.  A nice surprise. 

One of the "mahogany" found a home in between the wall and entrance to the back yard.

The roses have already started to bloom.
One of my mini roses that I have in a container.
The "Princess de Monaco" has some beautiful large buds on them.  The pink is very pink on the edges this year.  I hope to get a nice photo of them fully opened.

The "tuscan sun" alway a garden pleaser.

A couple of them in a vase with some of the sweet peas.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter.  We had a nice one.  The weather was on the cool side but still nice enough to enjoy the outdoors.   I have a few cards shares that I will be posting next.
Thank you for your visit and have a nice day.


Down by the sea said...

Your garden is so full of beautiful flowers mine looks so empty in comparison. Your roses as always look wonderful!
Sarah x

Julie said...

Your front yard bed is so sweet! I have killed my zinnias! I am going to post a pic! I trimmed them so hoping they re- branch out! Your roses are gorgeous! I have a bloom and a bunch of buds on the mini white and red striped one! Our Easter was cancelled due to everyone here sick! Will celebrate later!!! Glad yours was good!!!

Bev C said...

Hello Bobbie Lynn,

Gosh that nasturtium really wanted to flower. Such pretty blooms in your garden, ones that self seed are a bonus.

Happy gardening.