"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Friday, May 3, 2013

Container Roses and Around the Backyard

 Just finished with some morning gardening and some cleaning in the patio area.
 (click onto the photos to see them larger)
 This sweet mini rose was purchased at Trader Joe's several years ago and it was in a 4" pot and now it thrives in a larger container.  This is just one large cluster.   December - January I will repot them with new soil and give them a good trimming.  They are over due.
 Here is the same branch before it opened. A lot of mini buds there. The  name tag on the plant was called" Hit Parade".
 It is defiantly a "hit" in my patio area.
 Here are a couple of photos of the lovely "rose gilardi".

 A photo of a "Yves Piaget" rose.
 Here are a few photos of the beautiful "pink peace" roses.  This past January Hubby transferred it to the rose area and it looks like it is very happy there.  The color is an intense pink.  Just amazing to see in person.

 The rest of the backyard . . .
I finished transplanting into the raised bed a couple of cucumber "lemon", "cocozelle" summer squash, container cherry tomatoes "lizzano".  There is also a bell pepper plant in there too. We purchased that one at Armstrongs.  I have also planted a few of the "lizzano" cherry tomatoes in containers too. They are up on the left of the photo.  They are all new variety  of vegetables for us this year.  Excited and nervous at the same time.
 Next to the roses, I planted other bell pepper plant (top right), one "cocozelle" squash (middle left) and the rest are "Minnesota Midget" cantaloupe. Hard to see but they are there.  : )    So I hope they all do well.  I'm sooo looking forward to eating some home grown vegetables.  Once you have tasted fresh off the vine you crave the fresh taste each year. So here is to the Summer 2013 garden.
 A very warm day but they say we may see some rain by Sunday and Monday too.
A bouquet of "pink peace" roses.

Thank you for your sweet comments on the larkspurs and Opie's birthday postings.
Have a wonderful day and thank you for visiting my blog.  Blessings!


Deb said...

Beautiful roses, and your garden looks amazing. I am giving roses a try this year again, I am hopeful.

Down by the sea said...

Your roses are looking magnificent I have some to my collection after seeing your lovely collection last year.
Sarah x

Suzanne said...

I always love to see pics of your garden and those roses are stunning. I really love the two toned pink one (forgotten the name!) XX

Julie said...

Gorgeous roses!!!!!! Love that stripy pink one!!! WOWZERS!!!!!