"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Border Roses To Share and Photo Taking

 I just wanted to do a post on two things.  First, to show you two of my border roses that I have planted along one side of the house.  It is a sunny area of the house.  Second, is how I take my photos of my flowers and garden.

Border Roses for me, they are a great landscape rose bush for a narrow bed.

The red one is called "carefree spirit". Such a great name for a beautiful little red rose. Love the color and when it fades it is also pretty too.  The color is called cherry-red. It rates "excellent" for disease resistance, very true on that. Blooms from spring through winter.  Size is 3' x 3'.  Slight on fragrance.  Rated as fair as a cutting rose.  But, I have used them and I thing they are beautiful in a bouquet.

The white ones are called "pillow fight".  Just a beautiful small bright white rose.  It produces gorgeous clusters.  This one also rates excellent for disease resistance, so ture. Size of the bush is 3' x 3', slight fragrance and excellent cutting.  These make great bouquets on their own.

Both are great roses.

 I love to take photos of my roses and my garden.  The camera that I'm using is a Nikon Coolpix S600 digital camera.  Several years old.  I also use a tripod.  It is a must have when you are taking photos of flowers.  Especially for close ups.  No one has a steady enough hand to get nice close up photos.  Next, the lighting.  I love the mornings to take my photos and there are a few areas in my house that are my go to spots.  Indirect is best.  I move my flowers around to see what work best.  It depends on the colors of my roses or flowers (from my own experience). Here is in a real bright area where the light is behind the flowers.

 Now I moved them where the light is coming behind me and on the left side of me.
 I also turn my flower bouquets around for different shots.
 Tripods are great for that perfect angle.  Also it steadies the camera while I zoom in and out.

 Before I transfer them into "iphoto" on my Mac.  I will delete and do some cropping of them. Meaning, I look at a photo to see if I can get another photo from it. I look at a section of the photo and if I like it, it become another photo. This top photo here was taken from the next photo below.

Then load them on to "i-photo.
 From there, I will see what they look like and start select the ones that I want to keep.  Some editing to make the photo brighter but I really do not like to do that all the time.  So, I do practice as much as I can and I have my manual out.  I still have a lot to learn but I'm having fun learning what I can do with my camera.
 I have fun sharing what I love do to and that is gardening and my love of roses and what is growing in my garden. One of the simple pleasures in my life.  I can not tell you how my garden has become a healing place for me.  I am learning that when life give you heartache, I know where I can go to heal. In return it gives me so much back.
                                         "He makes all things beautiful in his time . . . " Ecc. 3:11

 It also connects me with my Creator.

                                             "Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."
                                                                                  - Mother Teresa

Have a beautiful day everyone.


Bev C said...

Hello Bobbie Lynn,

Both you and Mother Teresa are on the same wavelength. Thanks for the photo tips. Love the detail in the red rose close up.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Happy days.
20 oryibut

Down by the sea said...

Thank you for the wonderful tips of how you take such lovely pictures. I will be trying using a tripod. For me the garden is my sanctuary too when times are difficult. I hope everything is OK with you at the moment.
Sarah x

Julie said...

Are these Drift Roses? They have the same look as mine. I love the size...3x3. Perfect. Beautiful.

Suzanne Bramble said...

Beautiful roses (I know I always say that but they ARE!)they make me think of wild roses. XX