"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bright Pink and White Roses In A Basket and Around The Garden

 Pink Peace and Pope John Paul II roses.  A few of the Pink Peace roses got a little burt with the afternoon sun.  We may have to move it one more time.  It is doing so much better where it is at but I think we have room in between some of the roses where it will be protected from the afternoon sun.

 A nice happy bouquet for my kitchen.
 The blooming Crassula (propeller plant).

 Right now we are having our house painted and I needed so move all my containers under the patio.  I had to arrange the plants that are more sensitive to the sun next to taller containers.

 Lemon cucumbers are doing really well in the garden.  Next to the last of the cantaloupe and a couple of summer squash, cocozelle.

 Lemon cucumbers growing nicely along the mesh wire trellis.
 Here I took a photo that was too dark.  I looked in my manual and found I could lighten the photo while the photo is still in the camera.  Pull up the photo and click on menu (for my camera) and there is a "D-lighting". I clicked onto that and it gave me two photos.  One the original (dark) and the edited (lighter version).  It seemed to work pretty good.  Below is the original photo and you can see the difference.

Thank you for your visit and wishing you an amazing day.  What is your favorite thing growing in your garden right now?


Down by the sea said...

When basket of roses is fantastic and bought a smile to my face. What do you do with all your cucumbers?
Sarah x

Sal said...

Lovely photos!
My favourite in my garden, at the moment, are the Passion flowers, which seemed to have all bloomed overnight! ;-)