"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Sunday, August 11, 2013

2014 Day Planner, Quilt Blocks and Container Plants

  I just add a few things to finish up my 2014 Day Planner.
 I used some left over clear plastic to stick a couple of post-its.  The stamp "today" is from Hero Arts "remember" cling set.

I found at Staples a 3-hole punch for the 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 IN binders.

I have my printed week at-a-glance but I also like looking at the whole month. This is what I purchased at Staples.

I did some altering to the cover page by adding some pattern paper and stamp images.

 Made a marker out of the same paper collection and the "remember this" is a Hampton Art clear set called "Life Defined".
 I've added a reminder for next year to either buy or make 2015 Day Planner.  Here is where I posted what I used to make my Day Planner, HERE.
 Here is the new Hero Arts cling set "remember".  It is part of their "stamp your story" collection.
 On each of the monthly dividers I added quotes.

 On to the quilt blocks.

 The embroidered red work blocks were also done back in 1998.  Some were also embroidered by my Daughter, she was only 12 year old then.  I finished sewing together the pinwheel blocks. Next step is to square each of the blocks up.

 Here is the fabric that I found over the weekend for the sashing and border.  I did not find any gingham but I think these two prints will do fine.  

Some container plants.
 The new ivy geranium is beginning to have some new growth.  I just love the shade of red.

 The Lysimachia "goldi" has grown a bit longer and has also spread with in the container.  I love the way it cascades down the terra-cotta container.
 The Bacope "abunda giant white" seems to always have little white flowers in bloom.  I did see this in a hanging basket with other summer annuals at the garden center.
 My other geranium that I have had for a while is in another bloom cycle.
 Every other year I will re-pot, trim and cut back the roots.  It is the only way I can have geraniums in my garden.  Just keeping them in containers.

Regarding my summer vegetables.  It has been another tough year for me.  The weather here in Southern California stared with extreme heat and humid days, that was June.   July more humid days but by the end of July through now, below normal temperatures.   My summer squash and bell peppers are having a not so good year.  I did some cutting back on the cucumber vines, the old moldy leaves.  The plants have new growth so I hope that they will keep producing for a while longer.

The container tomatoes, the five plants seem to be doing okay.  They have a lot of green tomatoes and I have been picking a large handful everyday.  A good amount for our daily use.  The zinnias seem to have some new growth to them also.  Hope the rest of the vegetables and flowers will do better in the next few weeks.  We should start seeing some hotter days, more dry heat hopefully.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.  Wishing everyone a wonderful day.


Down by the sea said...

You are so organised finishing your 2014 planner already! It looks so lovely. I like the addition of the quotes.
I'm sorry you haven't had a good year for your summer vegetables. We picked our first red mini tomatoes yesterday from our garden. We have given up on the normal size as they never turned red.
Sarah x

Suzanne Bramble said...

Your journal is coming along beautifully, I wish I had to patience to make one myself! How lovely to have a quilt incorporating stitching from your daughter...XX

Bev C said...

Hello Bobbie Lynn,

Love that Spring quote in your journal. Your garden has had some tough weather conditions to contend with. Though it seems you have it under control.d Humidity is not a good thing for us as well as the plants.

Happy creating.

Marlene said...

Hi Bobbie Lynn,
Love love your planner, it's beautiful and your little quilt block super cute. I so wish I could quilt. Loving your plant, My fav is the Geranium, I love how it's smells when you brush up against it. I just picked up yesterday a potter tomato at my mom. It's not doing well, she maybe I could help it. Not a single bloom on it, we will see what happens. Good luck with yours.

Julie said...

What a great journal. You do a great job keeping up with journaling in a book like that. I tried it and failed. I just love seeing how you do it all. So inspiring!!!
I am moving away from gardening during this extreme summer heat, but look forward to starting a winter garden here. My daughter has expressed interest in growing some vegies!!! I, of course, am thrilled to hear that!!!