"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Friday, August 16, 2013

This Week In The Garden and Home

 Picked some nice bouquets for inside. The zinnias add a nice touch to the roses.

 A sweet bouquet of zinnias for the kitchen.
 A have a few zinnia plants in containers.  A surprise to see a yellow one in the mix. A beautiful yellow too.
 My second round of "Lizzano" cherry tomatoes.  They a perfect for small gardens.  I planted a few in containers but they did not get as big or product as much as the ones in the ground.  This is a determinate type, 63 days from transplanting.  Once the plant stops flowering, that is it.  I need to remember to stagger the sowing of "Lazzano" tomato.  These that you see are 2' x 2'.

 A basket full of beautiful basil.

 Made some more pesto and
 put them into containers.  These will go into the freezer.  I'm the only one who likes pest.  These little containers are great for a nice serving to go over some toasted French bread or toss it into some pasta.
 While back out in the rose area I picked a nice spray of "sunsprite", patio tree rose. It has a strong fragrance too.
 Some rose buds for you.
 Princess de Monaco
 Pope John Paul II

 Sweet Surrender
 Autumn splendor
 Tuscan Sun
 Unknown little pink gal.  Not the real name of it. I do not know the name of it.
 Rose Gilardi
 Rose Gilardi in bloom

 Organizing my garden notes
 I used some page protector for some magazine clippings and added them to my garden journal. Some good lists of reminders for next year.  Next month for us in Southern California, check your garden centers for Fall flowers and vegetables.

I  made a quick table runner.  I looked to see if I could find some table linens for my living room table and side tables.  No luck. The prints were too big or not the color I was looking for.  I found this pretty fabric at Hobby Lobby.  I had some cotton trim in my stash and was perfect.

It seems that we are getting the Spring weather that we should have had in June.  Today and tomorrow will be 92 - 94 degrees, then for the rest of the week, in the high 80's.

Thank you Ladies for your nice comments on my last post.  Thank you always for stopping by.
Have a great day. Blessings.


Julie said...

All of your zinnias and roses are just gorgeous!!! Love your arrangements! The table runner is so sweet! Just like you!!!

Down by the sea said...

As always your roses are so beautiful and your zinnias so much bigger than mine! Your basket of basil looks wonderful. My husband isn't keen on pesto either. I made some in June and froze it in ice cube trays. He doesn't seem to mind as small amount added to our dishes! I looked for pictures on Mission Carmel and their gardens. Dalias should do well in pots it's the only way I can grow any as the slugs devour them in the borders.
Sarah x

Marlene said...

You have a heavenly gardens. Your Roses are so beautiful and I love the Zinnias. Your cherry tomatoes are coming in just perfect. My favorite would have to be the Basil, all I can think off is the delish Pesto on piece of bread.
Your runner is perfect.
Sending blessings,

Deborah Quartz said...

Your roses and zinnias are stunning and cherry tomatoes look great. I love the table runner.

Melony said...

I am so jealous of that beautiful batch of basil you used to make the pesto with! WOW