"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Beginning Of 2014 Gardening

(click on to the photos to see them larger)

 The signs of Spring are starting to show more in the garden.  Hubby purchased a container of ladybugs .  It was fun watching them as the figure out were to go.
 Here is the other color that showed up in the larkspurs.  Very pretty, a Victorian color.
 I can't get enough of this color.
 My containers garden is showing more color too.  This is my oldest rose in my garden.  It is a mini coral rose that I have in a container, about 14 years old. This year she was repotted along with a good trimming of the roots.
 My Bacopa has made a comeback.  I gave it a good trim back in December to see if it would comeback.  There is a lot of new green leaves and pretty tiny flowers.  This is also in a small container.  I have seen this plant in a hanging basket too.
 A couple of my container geraniums.

 What is this? Hubby has been asking me the same thing for a long while.  Believe it or not these are poppies.  I have grown poppies before but I do not remember the plant being so huge, bushy and ugly look too.
 There is a rose bush in all that mess.
 Over the weekend, one of the pods opened.  The seeds are from Renee's Garden called "Kitchen Herbs - Heirloom Pepperbox" poppy.

There are a few more pods so I may let them stay for a while.  They are too messy looking for the front of my house.  Maybe the back yard? We well see.

 On my "to do" list for the garden was to fill in a few of the beds along the house.  Over the weekend, one item on the "to do" list was check off.  Hubby planted the two border roses that came in last Friday. I hope soon the bed will be filled with beautiful roses of red and white.

I know the rose looks a bit tattered but this is the white rose called "meidiland"(border rose).  I wanted another "Pillow fight" but it was not listed in the Garden centers catalogue this year.  Here is a photo of the pillow fight rose posted back in July 2013.  The meidiland rose looks like a fuller rose.

Well, I'm going to get myself ready to go out into the garden to feed my roses and a little weeding. Looking at the weather report for this week, I see some rain coming.

Thank you for popping in for a visit.  Wishing you a beautiful day.

"All through the long winter I dream of my garden.
On the first warm day of spring 
I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth.
I can feel its energy, and my spirits soar."
-Helen Hayes-


Julie said...

Oh, everything looking good! That poppy is amazingly large and wow...almost looks like kale leaves, eh? I know it's not...but makes me think of it! Love your oldest rose color (coral). You have magic in your gardening thumbs! Can't wait to see your front border bed filled with red and while roses! Will be stunning!!! Have a happy day!
xoxo- Julie

Down by the sea said...

How wonderful to see these flowers blooming already! I look forward to seeing lots more from your garden in the season to come! Sarah x

Marlene Plasencia said...

Yay spring time is here, it's been a long winter even for down here. It's so beautiful to so new life emerging. Your garden is blooming so beautifully and you finished your bed. Love visiting your blog.

Deb said...

You can see Spring has arrived early at your house, I do hope you get some rain to help your garden grow.