"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pink Peace - Hybrid Tea Rose

I have taken so many photos of the garden.  So let me start here with this beautiful rose.  

(click onto the photos to see them larger)

Looking at photos on Goggle once again and I'm still convinced this is Pink Peace.  There are a couple of other roses that are similar, Perfume Delight and Pink Delight.

It's a beautiful rose throughout its bloom cycle.

The color is intense and love the tattered petals.

Very fragrant too.

So far, it has a nice growth pattern.  It has filled out much nicer.

Petal count varies.  I have read 50 to 60 petals.  So far I have counted on an average 48- 53, so far.

  The yellow center attracts a lot of bees.

A very difficult rose to photograph becuase of the bright color.  
The photos were taken on different days depending on the sun or in the early morning with some clouds. Oh yes, and my tripod.
The color never fades.

It is beautiful with other roses or just by itself.

Week 3 in the garden

 My container garden is doing well.

 I purchased this hyacinth at the market on Thursday.  They were it tight clusters and just in a few days have open up.  They smell wonderful.  
 I have started some cilantro and below is one lonely bunching onion, . Italian red of Florence.  I hope to see more pop up soon.

Princess de Monaco rose  

Below in the photo, my Hubby added some yellow patty pan squash and a Serrano chilli plant.  Some where I plan to sow some container sunflowers and cosmos bright lights. I think I can fit them in.

Thank you for stopping by.
Have a wonderful weekend.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Bobbie-Lynn, love that rose. I've never seen a pink Peace rose but I think it's one I'm going to search out to go in my rose bed. Though, I already have a huge list of roses I would love to grow in my garden. The violas in your container garden are sweet too. We are just starting the spring season here but I am so enjoying taking photos of what is just coming in to bloom and I'm including one with each post on my blog ... you might like to look out for them. Elizabeth xx

Julie said...

What a gorgeous rose! Love your hyacinth too!!! The vegies will be great!

Julie said...

Hi Bobbie Lynn! Just found this website and thought of you immediately! All vinage free embroidery patterns...but the newest are roses!!!

Julie said...

Vintage Spice Everything Nice Blog

Hope this link works!

Bev C said...

Hello Bobbie Lynn,

I think you are right it looks like a pink Peace rose. Enjoy.
Your garden is certainly blooming, still waiting for rain here.

Happy days.

Daniel Eng said...

I have a pink peace too, and it looks just like that. It's color is striking, and it is proving to be one of the most disease resistant roses in my yard. I am not much scent from it, but cut flowers are some of the most long lasting. Thanks for the great pictures.