"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Friday, April 18, 2014

Mini Rose Bouquets and Going Into Garden Week 7

A lot to share with you again. So here I go.

I enjoy making small bouquets for the house.  

The mini white roses are "pillow fight".  It is a boarder rose that has beautiful white clusters.

A few larkspurs tucked here and there.

What the clusters look like in full bloom on the bush.

Another sweet rose is my  sweet "confection JA cute"   It has tiny pink clusters.  It is right next to my "pillow fight".

A mini bouquet of   "Confection JA cute", pink larkspurs and a sprig of forget-me-nots.

Here is what the bush looks like.
I also have one in a container.
She is not a mini rose but Ms. "Gina Lollobrigida" can make a nice arrangement on her own.

My container roses are all in bloom. My patio has some beautiful color right now.

The repotting that Hubby and I did last year really paid off.

My oldest Girl.  I do not know Her name. But I call her "Ms. Coral".

 In the Rose and Vegetable area.

Yellow patty pans are looking good.
 Ms. "Yves Piaget" is looking lovely as ever.

 My patch of larkspurs. I'm trying to keep on top of the dead-heading so they will continue to grow a bit longer.  They started blooming in February.

 Yellow squash but the tag on the container said green.  Not complaining.
 A cluster of "Juliet's"

 Celebrity tomatoes.
 All is looking good.

 More photo of my Yves Paget.

 And the seedlings are coming along with all this nice warm weather.  I have some container sunflowers, butternut squash, cosmos and a few more cucumbers.

I hope your gardens are doing well.
Thank you for visiting me and have a great day and have a beautiful Easter too.
Praise the Lord!


MargoBowBells said...

Beautiful little roses !! I got a patio rose last year and I noticed its looking healthy and eager to get going again after the winter...we always had a few of these at one time but after a house extension which obliterated the garden we seem to have lost them.....I must try to get a few more......lovely pictures you post ! Happy Easter.

Deb said...

Lovely roses, amazing how small they are and really fill a vase nicely. The veggies are looking fabulous as is the rest of the garden. Happy Easter to you.

Sal said...

All so beautiful. I hope you are having a lovely Easter :-) xxx

Julie said...

Look at all your flowers!!!!! Wowzers!!!! i adore the ones in your blog header!!!!! You make killer bouquets for your home!!!! Just beautiful!!!!!