"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Birthday Boy - Opie : )

I just want to share some photos of my boy.

His full name  Rincon-Mayberry Son "Opie"

Today is his fourth birthday.  Time goes by fast when you are having fun.

He is a big part of my day.

He does not leave me much room on my mat to do my workout.

He love my new mat.  

He watches me while I'm in the kitchen making meals or cleaning the house.

He will once in a while come in and see if he can get a snack by giving me his paw.

Letting us know that it's time to go out and play.
He misses the Girl too. But she will be home for a visit soon.

His frist day home.  I love this photo of him.  That is what  he did for the first few days. Lay in your lap.  He was not sure where he was and he missed his other siblings.  He came from a litter of 7.

Here is Rincon's blog and you can see little Opie with his siblings here. Also here too.

Look at those ears.
First week with us and started to get the routine in his new home.

He is a very fun boy with lots of energy.

Nap time
Sleeping with Mr. Duck

 He is always right by my side or Hubbys.
 Enjoys the car rides.

His new toy.

Thanks for visiting today.  Opie and I want to wish you a fun day.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Bobbie Lynn, lovely post - Opie is gorgeous ... his big ears are adorable. We'd love to get a dog but out cat, Bonnie, might object - she's quite elderly and perhaps not up to having a boisterous puppy around. So happy birthday Opie and long may you enjoy his company. Elizabeth xx

Down by the sea said...

Happy birthday to Opie. I love all your pictures of him especially the ones showing you his paw! The pictures of him as a puppy made me smile! Sarah x

Bev C said...

Hello Bobbie Lynn

I was thinking the other day you hadn't posted about Opie for a while. A big "Woof Woof" aka Happy Birthday to him. Opie has those amazing eyes that just say love me. Especially love the last photo.

Have a great day.

Suzanne Bramble said...

Oh, how adorable is he! I hope he had a lovely birthday and was spoilt rotten by his (human) mum and dad! XX

Julie said...

Happy late B-Day wishes to Opie! He is such a sugar! Doozey turned 8 yesterday! It was a very quiet birthday for her. I did find food (finally) that she loves, so that was a big birthday surprise!!! LOL.