"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Garden Week 12 and Roses

Hello and hope this post is not too long for you.
I did not realize how many photos I had taken.

I want to start with a couple of new plants that I purchased last week.  
These are planted out in front of my house. It is an area that receives the morning sun. 

This pretty purple flower is a Scaevola "top pot blue".  I planted this in the corner of the bed and it will receive both morning and afternoon. 

 A full view of  the plant.  It should grow 10-14 inches tall and blooms in summer.  Great in containers and hanging baskets.  Heat tolerant and that is good for this area.
 Here is the next one and it is called Cuphea ignea "star fire"
This is a compact plant but I think I have seen some that grow larger.
This like sun to part shade.
 I'm sure the hummingbird will like this one. 

This is a good sign here.
The flowers on the patty pans are now beginning to open.
Last week I did purchase some food that had some high potassium.  
With the help of the bees and also ants.  Hubby and I are helping  with the pollenating.
top photo is the male flower and I use a small paint brush and take some pollen.
I apply it onto the female flower.
Hope by next week these will be big enough to pick.
These tomatoes are the Juliet grape.

They are nice and large.
On the left are two lemon cucumbers and one the right is a butternut squash.
The larger cucumber plant has flowers.

Vegetable gardens are so beautiful.

I purchased a new lace table runner.
I love the design and it is made by "Heritage Lace".
Below is another that I purchased a long while ago and it is from the same company.
A favorite of mine.
A favorite of mine also, is Romantic Homes magazine issue of Roses!

I will be enjoying this over the long Holiday weekend.

Here are some roses from my garden

"Pope John Paul II"
A mixture of Pink peace, sweet surrender, Pope John Paul, sunset celebration and some flowering parsley flowers.
Pink peace and my unknown mauve/lavender roses.
The border roses along one side of my house.

This pretty mini rose bush has been with me for a long while also.
It is planted in font of my house where it receives morning sun only.
It loves it there.

The bees love it too.

Another mini (unknown name) 
Planted next to the Tuscan Sun rose bush

Beautiful bud of a Tuscan Sun
and I leave with Yves Piaget

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great day.
Wishing you in the USA a wonderful long weekend
It is our Memorial Day weekend

God Bless our past, present and future solders and their families.
Freedom is not free.


Julie said...

Everything looking very gorgeous! Glad it looks like your techniques for encouraging the squash are working! The absolutely huge pink/yellow mini rose plant is spectacular!

Down by the sea said...

Your new plants look so lovely and your vegetable garden is growing so fast. The magazine should show some of your fantastic roses. Sarah x

Mrs Knitaddict said...

Glad I found your beautiful Blog!
Your plants look so healthy!
I am a hopeless gardener- the only thing I do well is pick the fruits and flowers my Jimmy plants. I called him to see your pictures and his eyes went very shiny and happy.
Congratulations from the 2 of us.

Suzanne Bramble said...

You can never have too many photos!
Your flowers (especially the roses - love scentimental) are gorgeous and your house looks so pretty Wish we had that magazine in the UK XX