"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Garden Week 9

 Here are a few photos of the garden.  These vegetable plants were planted back on March 8th and they have really taken off.  It looks like we maybe picking a few summer squashes and tomatoes.

 This summer squash was a surprise.  The Green "emerald City" squash that we had purchase that turned out to be a yellow squash had a friend also.  The container had two squash plant and I thought the other plant would be the "emerald city but no, it it looking like crookneck.  Happy to have them doing well.
 The ripening "Juliet" grape tomatoes.
 Another photo of the crookneck.

 The butternut plants are having some trouble but I did start more seedlings.

 Yellow "patty pans".  Its nice to have them back in the garden.  I have not grown them in a long while.

 A photo of one of my Husbands succulent plants.  It produced an interesting flower stock.

Thank you for your visit.  Wishing you a wonderful week.


Julie said...

How fun to get your mysterious different squashes!!!!! The grape tomatoes look beautiful. I have never seen my Gasteria bloom like your husbands! Neat flower stalks! Tell him I am seriously impressed!

Down by the sea said...

It's amazing how much growth you have had in the last few weeks! Sarah x

Jacqueline said...

So lovely to see all your growing vegetables! I have planted lettuce which is going well and some cherry tomatoes for the first time. It's so exciting to see them take off. Yours are looking pretty good!