"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

In The Garden This Morning

 (Autumn Splendor)

A few of the vegetables are doing well while other not so much.

 These will be picked this evening.  
(Crookneck summer squash)

 This morning I took this male flower and did some pollination to my female patty pans.
The patty pans and the long yellow squashes have plenty of veggies on them but they are not maturing.  Not enough bees to do the work.  
I see the bees on a tree outside my yard that has flowers that they are enjoy at the moment.  They are ignoring my garden.
I need to go out and find some bee loving plants.

See, there are a lot but that the biggest they will get.  

 My yellow cucumber looks great and it has flowers.  Maybe they will attract the bees.

 The celebrity tomatoes 

 One is almost ready.

Sweet and tasty Juliet grape tomatoes

Serrano chiles

 More starters of butternut, green cucumber, sunflowers, zinnias and cosmos

 (carefree spirit)

(Henry Fonda)
 Flowering parsley

Maple leaf geranium

 One of the containers I'm in love with right now is this one that has a red ivy geranium and lysimachia (creeping jenny). 

this year I will be repotting this container.  I have taken a cutting of the geranium and I hope to see if I can get a few more Ms. Jennies.

This container receives the morning sun but I have the creeping jenny side facing the wall so it will not get too much direct sun.  So far it is doing good.  I want to have more colorful containers in the breeze way.  It is where I have some chairs and I would like to have a table too.

 Making color charts of my markers. I'm not sure if I posted this.
I have not made any cards lately but I will have to soon.  I have a friend that will be celebrating a special birthday soon and I thought of making a card using Rose Posie set by Papertrey Ink.  I'm trying to catalog the inks that I have also.
But I really need to get back to my photos.  I am so behind on my scrapbooking. So many thing I want to do and not enough hours in a day for me.

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping cool.  We are having some hot weather but by this weekend a 15 to 20 degree drop in weather.

Well, the timer went off.  I made some pizza dough for tonight.  : )

Thank you for visiting my blog. 


Julie said...

oh wow! Your crook necked squash look amazing!!!! they are just draped in the plants!!!! wowzers!

the top rose is so beautiful!!!

I keep wondering how I can work. Just found out this evening the Dono and Emily have orchestra concerts the next two nights at 7pm! Good grief! Nothing like last minute notification!

we had pizza tonight too! went to a pizza place though as we had to have dinner following a school board meeting! They voted on making our wonderful elementary school extend to cover through 8th grade, and it got approved!!!!! Yeah!

Your garden is a thing of wonder!

Marlene Plasencia said...

WOW, your garden is looking so beautiful Bobbie Lynn. Love your Roses, gorgeous. The Crookneck summer squash is so beautiful, love the yellow.
It's so nice that your planting season is just started, love the seeds. Mine ended, so I can enjoy yours. Love that Geranium, beautiful in that container.