"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Friday, June 13, 2014

Garden Week 14 A Lot To Share

A lot of Photos to share with you.

The weather here in Southern California has been beautiful and perfect for playing out in the garden.

A bouquet of pink Yves Piaget and yellow Gina Lollobrigida roses

 The cosmos "bright lights" are starting to bloom.

Click on to the photo to see it closer.

A nice full and tall plant.
It has a lot of buds on it too.
I have another one that is about to bloom.

 The containers look pretty and they are having another nice bloom cycle.

 Sunset Celebration roses with a hydrangea. 

 An other basket of hydrangea flowers for inside.


 These sweet sunflowers are called Elves blend by Botanical Interest

 I think one of the Moulin Rouge seeds made its way into the Elves blend seed packet. 

It's tall, beautiful and it has a lot more buds on it.
Thank goodness this was not planted with the other mini sunflowers.

Celebrity Tomatoes

 The flowers look larger this year.
Lemon cucumbers

A tiny butternut.

Flowering cilantro.

A great way to end a week.

Have a great weekend and

Happy Father's Day too.



Julie said...

OMG!!!! All gorgeous and you are getting some good stuff to eat as well!!!!! Looking great! i'm happy you got the really neat Moulin Rouge sunflowers in your seed pac....so cool!!!! Love how tall they are!!! Your hydrangeas are so lovely!!!!! Have a fantastic weekend, Bobbie Lynn!!!!! Happy Fathers Day to your hubby as well!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photos. The vase of roses and hydrangeas is so pretty, as is the basket of hydrangeas. Took delivery of 72 herbaceous plug plants yesterday so spent the best part of the day potting them up. They will eventually be planted in the newly prepared long border. And I've been celebrating my first rose in the new bed today :) Hope you have a sunny and happy weekend. Elizabeth xx

Janneke said...

So many lovely flowers in your garden, I really do like the picture of the little dog around the corner with the sunflowers.

Down by the sea said...

Wow week 14 in your garden is looking magnificent! Opie looks so cute peeping around the corner and I love those burgund sunflowers. Sarah x