"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hydrangeas and Roses

I'm so happy to have my hydrangeas blooming again.

 The bud of one of them.  Love those tiny buds.

 One morning I picked a nice basket full for the house.

The roses Yves Piaget and unknown pink and white mini roses.

I love the bud on this one 

This belonged to a friend.  She purchased a plant, so she thought she was buying a hydrangea plant.  It was not doing well and she gave it to me to see if I could save it.
When I went to transplant it into another container, out came a stem, just a stem, no roots.
She paid a lot for a flower stem.
But, so far so good.  It has new leaves.

Yves Piaget roses above.

 Pink Peace rose

The next day, it opened up a little more.

Thank you for your visit.
Have a wonderful day.


Bits of Stitching! said...

They are beautiful! The rose bouquet is lovely!

Deb said...

You flowers are absolutely amazing, I love Hydrangeas though they grow here in Florida I have had no luck with them, in fact this year I'm losing everything, gardening is such a mystery. have a great weekend

Bev C said...

Hello Bobbie Lynn,

Stunning photo's. Good luck with your fiend's plant, look forward to see how it gets on.

Happy days.

Julie said...

Oh my goodness! The hydrangeas are so soft and beautiful! Glad you are saving the little plant your friend bought. Hydrangeas can grow in shade here, but they are difficult as can be in this heat. Not worth the effort if you ask me....soooo, it is so nice to get to see yours!!! Your bouquets and photos are perfectly gorgeous!!!!!

Down by the sea said...

The roses and hydrangeas are a lovely combination. I'm sure with your green fingers your friends plant will thrive! Sarah x

Janneke said...

Love Roses and Hydrangeas, so beautiful! I just discovered your blog and will be your new follower.
Wish you happy gardening!