"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sunflowers and Cosmos

At the moment the garden is blooming and what joy it is to have these beautiful sunflowers in my garden this year.

 Moulin Rouge Sunflowers, seeds by Botanical Interests.

 Elves Blends sunflowers, seeds by Botanical Interests.

 Cosmo bright lights blend, Botanical Interests seeds

 They looks as if they are saying  "Hello!"

 The tall stalk of the Moulin Rouge sunflower has a lot of buds and a few of them have bloomed.
A couple to show you how dark they are. 
These would make a great Halloween bouquet with large orange marigolds.

I enjoy growing vegetables but I'm really thinking of growing just flowers next year.

In the basked are celebrity tomatoes, patty pan and crook neck squashes and a couple of lemon cucumbers.

 I plan to  buy another tomato plant this weekend.  The celebrity is almost finished. It has done well in my garden.  I did have to take out the grape "Juliet". It got a fungal disease called anthracnose.
I think I have too many plants in one area and not enough circulation.  

Well, we are rounding the end of June and plenty of weeks of gardening left. Hope my garden will continue to bloom with beautiful flowers and vegetables.

Thank you for taking time and stopping by for a visit.
Have a wonderful weekend.


Janneke said...

All those different sunflowers are really wonderful. Such a colourful post, I enjoyed it.

Suzanne Bramble said...

Oh, your sunflowers are all so beautiful! The dark (Moulin Rouge) one is stunning. Thank you for your recent kind words too XX

Marlene Plasencia said...

Hi Bobbie Lynn, been sharing your beautiful cards with some of my friends.
I'm so behind your posts, need to see your beautiful garden. So far loving the Sunflowers and all those veggies look beautiful.

Julie said...

Those Moulin Rouge are so beautiful!!!! I love the bouquet in the blue vase!!!!! Hope your next batch of Calif. Giant Zinnias do fantastic! Mine started to sprout on the third day in the soil. I was amazed!!!!! Hope nothing happens to them! Those darn squirrels or lizards have a way of taking out whole buckets-ful of seedlings at times!!!!!
Happy Thursday to you and your hubby, and Opie too!!!!

Down by the sea said...

I love the colours of your sunflowers. I haven't grown them for many years you have shown me what I am missing. Have your grown any zinnias this year? Sarah x