"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Around the Garden At Week 20

A few more photos  of my house in front
This morning was beautiful to be out and gardening around the house.
I was out very early trying to beat the heat.

The French lavender is loving this time of year.

 I posted this area a few posts ago, here.
There was dried grass but it was due to not us and the neighbors not watering in this area.
We needed this area to be dry so we could have it bricked.
This  area became very soggy during the rainy weather, kind of flooded.

I love the way it looks and now my neighbor can decorate it with some containers. She has been wanting to do that for a long while.
On my side(left side top photo), I'm thinking of a few things.
Maybe some Shepherd hooks in the bricked beds. Not sure yet. Maybe I will wait to see what my neighbors will do. They take from there.

 Now to show you the progress of a couple of plants that I posted back in May.
I purchased two plants and so far they are doing really well.
The photo with the purple flowers is a Scaevola, posted here.

It is planted next to my iceberg  rose bush.
On the other side of the rose bush, I have also planted back in May,
a Cuphea ignea "starfire". It has done very well.
It was also a small plant and has filled in nicley. 

In my back garden . . . 

 Ms. Yves Piaget rose bush is giving another bloom cycle.  

 Here is another Waltham butternut squash.  This one is growing a bit longer.  Very pretty.
I'm still fighting the mold on the leaves. I'm cutting those leaves off the vine.
The plant needs full sun on both sides of my fences.
The one side that receives more shade and that is the area were I am seeing mold on the leaves.

Deadheading the roses this morning. These still look pretty. They are Autumn splendor roses.

Picked this morning.

More pasta sauce will be made this week.

In the craft room,  I finished some cards using DCWV paper pad called "The French Country".  It is the collection that I have been using this year.  I hope to post them in a few days.  Also, I found more fabric for another dress.  I'm sewing a different view of New Look pattern 6022.

Thank you for your comments and for taking the time to stop by my blog.  I hope everyone is doing well. Take care and I hope to do some catching up on my blog reading also.



Janneke said...

You have a nice bush of the rose Yves Piaget, lovely shape of flower and colour. The space between the two houses looks nice and tidy now, I suppose much better than before. You also have already a nice crop of tomatoes, here they are colouring too now, but not yet ready to pick.
Wish you happy gardening.

Down by the sea said...

Hi Bobbie, Lovely to have a wander around your lovely garden. I wish we could grow tomatoes like yours, they look full of flavour. Most of our roses are now sadly over. The paved area looks such an improvement too. Sarah x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Bobbie Lynn, lovely post - I did enjoy the trip round your front garden and seeing all your lovely plants. The roses are beautiful. Haven't your tomatoes done well and I bet they make the most delicious pasta sauce too. Happy gardening! Elizabeth xx

Julie said...

Your space there between the houses looks so nice! Your tomatoes are devine! What a great haul!

Marlene Plasencia said...

Hi Bobbie Lynn, what a beautiful post. I love everything about it. Your lavender in the front garden is gorgeous and your brick planters too. That was a great idea to pave the side of the house, it looks beautiful. But I think my favorite are the roses and yes the tomatoes too. Told you I love it all.