"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May Gardening

Where is this month going?
I feel we should be in February.

All is good and I want to share some photos of my garden and some mini bouquets.

Some beautiful pink Pink Peace and one white Pope John Paul II roses.  I added a few Scabiosa (mariposa blue) to the bouquet. 

I do not know what the name of my mini coral roses but the color is intense.

Scentimental roses.

In the Garden:
At the moment, my Pope John Paul II rose bush is not doing too well.
It is getting enough water, sun and feeding.
The branches are very thing and they are not holding up the flowers.
I will see what the rest of the growing season will do for this rose bush.
A few of these are ready to be transplanted.

Yves Paget roses.  My favorite rose bush.

Celebrity tomatoes are getting bigger and I have a lot of flowers too.  I hope they will hold on.

This is an interesting tomato that I am growing.  I picked up the wrong container.  I thought I was buying a Roma.  Well, the container was in the wrong place and I was not paying attention .   This tomato is called "radiator Charlie".  An interesting story behind this variety.  You can read it here.

I fell in love with these barrel containers.  I have my lemon cucumbers in them.  Hubby found a larger one that I will use for one of my tomato plants, they need to get a little bigger before I transplant it and add the container.
I have a lot more tomatoes that need to be planted.  I will need to find space or containers.  I'm thinking about more containers.  They are expensive so I may buy the 5 gallon  buckets that you find at your home and improvements center.  

The larger container will go in the empty space in the back.

My hygrangeas are staring to bloom. I have two one pink and the other blue.

This should be blue but it looks like it will be pink this year.  It will be interesting to see what shade of pink.
I have also been feeding them with Epsom salt and worm castings.  It seams to be helping.  The leaves look much greener.  I have heard good things about Epsom salt from fellow blogger Bev at "Welcome to Kainga Happenings and P.Allen Smith. They both use it in their gardens.

I almost bought this over the weekend.  My local garden center just got in more Dahlias.  They are so beautiful, but I do not have any room for them.  Maybe a container variety  next year.  

The weather here has been so nice and I had to get my sweaters out for a few of the days.  We did get some rain and it was nice to get some help with the watering from above.  

Thank you for your Mother's Day wishes and your wonderful comments on my felt hearts.

Opie has the right idea.  It is time to take a break.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I hope to have more garden photos soon. 
Have a wonderful day


Marlene Plasencia said...

I love your Opi, he sure is relaxed. Loving the barrels you got, it looks great. Your Roses are so beautiful and you have such a nice variety. Love that Coral one. You are sure going to get some great tomatoes. But I would be dancing around that Hydrangeas, I think they are just the most beautiful thing. Enjoy those blooms my friend.
Happy Memorial day.
Sending blessings,

Stephanie said...

My sweet Bobbie Lynn, thank you so very much for the kind, encouraging, and comforting comments on my blog! Oh, how I appreciate you. I am very grateful for your precious thoughts and sweet prayers during this time of loss. You are a beautiful gift!

Your flowers and roses are so lovely and put a smile upon my face - thank you for sharing! May you enjoy the remainder of your week. Love and hugs!

Down by the sea said...

Oh your roses are fantastic, our first blooms appeared last week it's nice to have them in our garden too. We are growing tomatoes in the greenhouse and they the plants are getting quite large, hopefully we get a good crop. Sarah x