"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

One Last Project to Share

I wanted to share some photos of my tiny laundry room with a fresh new coat of paint.

I do like the white walls and trim.

A before photo. 
The door had to be sanded down and that was a long processes.  It had a thick layer of varnish.

After the sanding.

 I got a new pantry door and some new hardware for the cabnets. The door frames also had to be sanding also.

The baskets on my dryer will be spray painted, white.
They will hold a few miscellaneous items.

I found this adorable hanger at Hobby Lobby.  

I am very happy how it turned out.
I'm also happy to check off another home project off the list.

Now, I need to get back into the garden.
I have some issues going on with my container tomatoes.
The green tomatoes are getting "blossom end rot".  Not good.  What causes this I read maybe  due to under watering, which I do not think is the problem.  I have been keeping them watered pretty good. The other cause maybe due to feeding.  I did use new soil for them.  I think they just need to be in the ground.  I need to find a place somewhere.
I do not want to loose them.  These are the roma plants that I just love to use in my cooking.
I will keep you posted on their progress.

For now, take care and thank you for your visit.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Bobbie Lynn, your laundry room looks beautiful with it's new coat of paint and I just love your pantry door. We've been painting too this week. This time it was the Welsh Dresser in the hall, it's now a lovely shade of light olive to match the chair and plant stand. Another job ticked off the list :) My husband gave up growing tomatoes because of all the difficulties associated with them. Hope yours respond well to planting out. Elizabeth xx

Stephanie said...

Good morning, Bobbie Lynn! My, what a stunning transformation. I love the clean and fresh look of the white and the accents of pink are of-so-pretty. I bet doing laundry is much more fun and enjoyable now :) Hugs to you, dear friend!

Bev C said...

Hello Bobbie Lynn,

Sanding the varnish off was a great idea, the white makes the room looks much bigger. Love the new pantry door too, very swish.
Hope you sort out the tomato problem, not having fresh tomatoes over Summer would be so annoying.

Happy days.

Down by the sea said...

I do like your transformation! The laundry room looks so pretty. When we moved our new home had all white walls and we have enjoyed the lightness and brightness that it gives us. Your new door is lovely too. I do hope your tomatoes are recoverable, we have just to enjoy our first c rop from the green house. Sarah x

Julie said...

The laundry room is gorgeous!!! What a difference! It just makes the chi flow better (feng shui). :) Hope your tomatoes will be OK too! I was going to tell you that Danielle was right...the bubble tea IS called boba tea. We've gotten away from the boba part so much any more...just a pain to have to boil them, and they add 100 calories I don't need! LOL. Enjoy your new room, and I'm gonna check in on your blog more often!!!
xoxo- Julie

Marlene Plasencia said...

Hi Bobbie Lynn, you did such an amazing job with your laundry room, not tiny at all my dear friend. I love the door in white and the little pink balance is adorable. You pantry door is so beautiful and I love all the little touches. Sorry I can't help with the tomatoes, my first crop was last year, but I found a YT channel called: Wisconsin garden and she has this recipe that she uses when she first plants the tomatoes and I want to try it next year. Not sure if that will would of help with your problem but I think you will enjoy her channel.
Sending blessings,