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" Van Gogh

Monday, August 24, 2015

August Gardening 2015

 Phew, what a hot and humid month August has been.  Several of my roses are not doing well in this type of weather.  I know what a few of you go through in the lower part of the States that have this type of weather.  I'm thinking of you fellow bloggers in Florida.

 A sweet little bouquet and I had to pick the roses because they would only burn with the August heat.

I did get a white cosmo, yay!

The  next time I sow cosmos,  I will not plant them along a wall.  They need to be with more air flow.  They grow very tall and wide.  They need a lot of support and they did get a lot of mildew on the feathery leaves.

 A few years ago, I tried growing the "sea shell" petal cosmos and I did not have any luck. This seed packet mix had some in it and what a beautiful color too.  Love the curl.

 I added a few pincushion flowers to the mix.
Different shades of purple.

The tomatoes have been keeping Hubby and I very busy.  

I also had a little garden helper too.

Opie in a garden hat

One of the Marzano type "mini" tomato plants are starting to ripen.  They are very sweet too.

 Black Krim and I have noticed some black spots of some of the leaves.  A new problem and hope I will be able to tackle that.  They look so beautiful right now.  
The seeds came from Renee's Garden "Heirloom tomato"

 Another photo of the mini Marzano type tomatoes.

 The "celebrity" tomato plant has once again a lot of tomatoes.  Tomato tart sounds good right now.

 These are a first in my garden.  Seeds came from Renee's Garden. Called "Roma" sauce tomato "Pompeii".  They look like peppers.  I hope to make some sauce from these.   

 Very pretty tomatoes.

 And I started more cucumbers too.  Why not.  : ) I may get a second batch before the season ends.

I hope my tomatoes do a lot better than my roses.
They are having such a difficult time this year.

Thank you for your visit.
Have a wonderful day and lets see what September will bring.


Leanne said...

Hello Bobbie Lynn
I got your letter today, I'm so thrilled we can maybe meet up in march. I'll write you a letter back very soon.
I love your cosmos flowers, they are so pretty. I was happy to find some yellow cosmos seeds on ebay, can't wait to plant those. Your pinky/purple cosmos are gorgeous, I love the shape of the petals.

Stay cool.
Love Leanne xx

Janneke said...

Lovely flower posies in soft colours. Such a pity your roses cannot stand the humid heat, but the tomatoes are doing wonderful, you will have a good harvest.

Down by the sea said...

Your flowers are as always so lovely. The cosmos is a lovely selection too. We can almost match you with our tomatoes and cucumbers this year although they do need to be grown in the greenhouse. Did Opie keep the hat on for long, he looks so cute. Hope the weather becomes less humid and more comfortable soon. Sarah x

Julie said...

Oh, girl, your tomatoes and cosmos are gorgeous! Yes, the Florida heat and humidity is just awful as well. I've been going out early just to do a very quick weeding, watering and trim on my tire garden plants. I have 3 egg shaped white eggplants on my bushes, but they are staying at around 4 inches long, and are supposed to reach 7 inches! I've fertilized, and this morning I watered them with a weak coffee solution (this mornings left over coffee greatly watered down). Sure hope they will progress! You've got me thinking that I will definitely plant some cosmos when October 15 gets here. That is the start of our gardening season here. Cosmos are so sweet. Have a great rest of the week! Looking forward to seeing your dress!

Bev C said...

Hello Bobbie Lynn,

Love your Cosmos, especially the photo in your Header. I have never seen the curled variety it certainly looks lovely. Packets of mixed seeds are like a lucky dip, you never know what you get, makes for some gardening fun and excitement to see what comes out of the packet. I am sorry to hear about your awful weather, it certainly affects the plants, hope they spring back when the weather gets better.

Hello Opie,
Adore your hat, you look super cute!

Enjoy your weekend Bobbie Lynn.

Happy days.

Deb Quartz said...

August was hot and hmuid here in Florida too, which is not unusual but for some reason it felt unusually hot this summer, truth to tell I can't wait for summer to end this year, I have had enough. Your Flowers are stunning, such a lush lovely garden.

Marlene Plasencia said...

Hi Bobbie Lynn.
Your garden looks so lushes and beautiful. The tomatoes are so healthy and look at all those peppers, love them. Your Cosmos are simply gorgeous, love the colors and your header is so beautiful. I see a few ladies have left you comments from Florida, so glad is not just me. But it's been so extra hot down here, not enjoyable being outside at all. Enjoy your beautiful garden and all it's harvest. Have a great week.
Sending blessings,