"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fall Gardening

 I purchased a few small trays of Johnny Jump-Ups and Pansies.

I thought they would add a nice pop of color in this mini garden and along the house. 

This is a fun little patch of miscellaneous plants.

I am happy to have a nasturtium plant. A fellow Gardener gave me some seeds. I kind of miss having them around. 

There are three tomatillo plants that popped up (self sowed-themselves).  I'm not sure if they will continue to grow and produce any fruit.  I will leave them and see what happens.
 The last flowers on the Cosmo "Bright Lights" plant.  They have so far re-sowed themselves in my garden for a few years now.  They were started from a packet of see several years ago.
 One of the variety of the "Elves blend" sunflowers.  Seeds by Botanical Interests.

They are such a happy flower in any size.

These Calendula plants were moved a month ago and they are doing good in their new space. 

 The color pops along the house.  
The Calendulas look pretty next to the purple Pincushion flowers. 

 Here are some newly grown Pincushion plants that popped up.  They are not a good space, so I have transferred them into  containers. I hope they will continue to grow so I can transfer them into flower garden in the near future.

I think the plant, lower right, is a Cornflower.  
 Once again, the Monarch caterpillars are everywhere and so are the Monarch butterflies.  Love it!

The Monarch caterpillars and butterflies love the Milkweed.

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Down by the sea said...

The Monarch butterflies are wonderful, it's lovely that you can attract them with those colourful flowers to your garden. Sarah x