"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

For the Love of Paper: Essentials by Ellen Winter 2016 Release Hop give...

For the Love of Paper: Essentials by Ellen Winter 2016 Release Hop give...: Hello, and welcome to the Essentials by Ellen Winter 2016 Hop! I’ll be showcasing several of the new stamp sets and dies on my post today...

Beautiful cards.  I love the colors too.

Monday, August 24, 2015

August Gardening 2015

 Phew, what a hot and humid month August has been.  Several of my roses are not doing well in this type of weather.  I know what a few of you go through in the lower part of the States that have this type of weather.  I'm thinking of you fellow bloggers in Florida.

 A sweet little bouquet and I had to pick the roses because they would only burn with the August heat.

I did get a white cosmo, yay!

The  next time I sow cosmos,  I will not plant them along a wall.  They need to be with more air flow.  They grow very tall and wide.  They need a lot of support and they did get a lot of mildew on the feathery leaves.

 A few years ago, I tried growing the "sea shell" petal cosmos and I did not have any luck. This seed packet mix had some in it and what a beautiful color too.  Love the curl.

 I added a few pincushion flowers to the mix.
Different shades of purple.

The tomatoes have been keeping Hubby and I very busy.  

I also had a little garden helper too.

Opie in a garden hat

One of the Marzano type "mini" tomato plants are starting to ripen.  They are very sweet too.

 Black Krim and I have noticed some black spots of some of the leaves.  A new problem and hope I will be able to tackle that.  They look so beautiful right now.  
The seeds came from Renee's Garden "Heirloom tomato"

 Another photo of the mini Marzano type tomatoes.

 The "celebrity" tomato plant has once again a lot of tomatoes.  Tomato tart sounds good right now.

 These are a first in my garden.  Seeds came from Renee's Garden. Called "Roma" sauce tomato "Pompeii".  They look like peppers.  I hope to make some sauce from these.   

 Very pretty tomatoes.

 And I started more cucumbers too.  Why not.  : ) I may get a second batch before the season ends.

I hope my tomatoes do a lot better than my roses.
They are having such a difficult time this year.

Thank you for your visit.
Have a wonderful day and lets see what September will bring.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

July Gardening 2015

"Celebrity" tomato bush.

"Celebrity" tomatoes and one "lemon" cucumber, they are not doing so well in the containers.
They are not the type to grow in containers so that may be the problem. 
I have grown them before but in the ground and they have done a wonderful job of producing wonderful cucumbers. A learning curve for me.

Photo taken July 6th

Photo taken July 31st.
You can see it is a tomato garden.

Several month ago I purchased a packet of tomatoes from the market.  They were green house grown in the USA. Hubby dried a few out and look what came up.
The plant has a lot of beautiful clusters and we have two bushes of them too.  

This is what I posted a few posts ago. The container tomatoes were getting "blossom end rot".  These are not container type tomatoes so I think that may have been the issue with them. I found a few places in the garden for them.
Photo taken July 15th
Here is one of them.  Looks pitiful.
The is a "Roma" sauce tomato, Pompeii.
Seed packet from Renee's Garden

Photo taken July 31st and what a difference.

The fruit is staying on and no rotting either.  : )

A new "bacopa" for my patio area.

"lemon" cucumbers.  Seed packed from Renee's Garden

I purchased this container Scabiosa "mariposa blue" back in March of this year.
It had done so well.  Always in bloom and has a lot of new growth on it.

More photos showing off my pretty cosmos, scabiosa and pink Princess de Monaco.

We had this month some rain, nice.  The last few weeks of July was very humid.


"Ronald Reagan" Hybrid tea roses

Now on to August.  Thank you for your sweet comments on my last post too.
I really enjoy taking photos of my garden and sharing with you.
Have a great day.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Psyche" Cosmo flower

A quick post to share a new variety of cosmos in my garden.
The seeds came from Renee's Garden called "Dancing Petticoats".  It is a packet with a few different variety of cosmos.  This one is called "Psyche".  Very pretty and it almost looks like a mini dahlia flower.  

They do grow very tall and they will need to be staked.

Thanks for your visit.
Have a wonderful day.