"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Friday, May 6, 2022

Using My Pressed Flowers


Another advantage of growing your own flowers is that you can press them for some pretty projects.  Here are some of the projects so far and thanks to magazines and Pinterest for inspirations.  

Pressed larkspur for my daughter and son-in-laws wedding card. 
Mother's Day Card

Note cards


These were fun and I need to make more of them soon.  
Used left over fabric and Mod Podge (matte-mat-mate finish). 

My Daughters DIY wedding table numbers. 


Used self laminating sheets by Scotch.  Die cut machine for different shapes and backed with handmade papers.

Perfect for Mother's Day or any other occasion.

The yarrow this years is blooming so pretty right now and I have started to clip a few bundles for drying.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

My Garden in Spring 2022

 Sharing my zone 10a spring garden with you.  We are having a nice spring time here in So. California. A few hot days but for the most part, very mild and a nice welcome.  The Sentimental tree rose loves these mild days.  She performs her best. 
The Yves Piaget rose in the background

I am so happy to have found a beautiful red nasturtium, "baby rose". I found the seeds from Select Seeds.  I also like that this variety is compact and perfect for my small raised beds and also great for containers.


I was happy to see t some nice carrots for my salad and roasting.  It can be a hit or miss in my garden.  The small round ones are Tonda di Parigi from Botanical Interest seed company

These two photos are also from Botanical Interests seed company, "Calliope Blend".  Next time to direct sow carrots in my garden will be mid-october - early november of 2022.  I have noted that in my calendar and a lot more too. 

Nero Toscana Kale

I love growing this beautiful green, Nero Toscana.  Seeds came from Botanical Interests

made a wonderful pesto too.  I really enjoy eating it blanched and sautéed. 

and of course the lovely lettuce.  One of the easiest to go grow in my raised beds and containers too.  I love all the beautiful colors too.


I really need to sow more leeks in my garden.  They have a long mature date but so worth the wait.  Roasting them along with carrots is a tasty side dish.  I have used them in frittatas and soups.

I hope you enjoyed my update of my garden.  There were a lot of vegetables that did not do well this time around, but I will keep trying.  I am always grateful for what every I can grow and I incorporate into my cooking.  

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I will be sharing some project using press flowers.  

Monday, January 17, 2022

A New Year 2022 - In My January Garden

 So pleased to see that my  dwarf Meyer Lemon tree has produced a lot of beautiful lemons.  It took a while, but so worth the wait.

I have started to use them in my cooking.

Bob's Red Mill,  lemon-sugar cookies

America's Test Kitchen - Fusilli pasta Ricotta, spinach with lemon (zest and juice), so good.
My new little seedlings
Broccoli "Di Cicco"
Baby Bok Choy
Bloomsdale Spinach
Salad mesclun mix
Cilantro, parsley
Nero Kale

A bed of Baby Bok Choy
They are a hit and miss in my So. Cal Garden.  They tend to bolt quickly.  

Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea Pod from Seeds of Change


A bed of leeks, carrots, broccoli and Swiss Chard
More seedlings of have also been sown this pass weekend.

I hope to share more of my garden soon.  Thank you for visiting my blog.
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

October/ Early November Garden 2021

 A long post of photos for you.  A beautiful bunch of  Marigold French "Red Metamorph", seeds from Botanical Interests.  I will be planting theses again in my garden.  I am not a fan of marigolds but these have changed my mind.  They grow tall and bushy, they do need to be staked. 

A bunch of herbs: Marjoram, thyme, rosemary and three types of basil I grew this year and for the first time a new type called, Cardinal. A nice hardy plant.  

Purple basil is a favorite in my garden and works great in landscape too. Depending on the soil, the plant will be green/purple or full on purple.  

Another photo of the Cardinal basil.
A favorite in my garden and a favorite of the sparrow around the end of summer, Diablo cosmos from Botanical Interests.
Out all the Cosmo varieties these seem to do best in my Zone, 10.

They attract a lot of beautiful wings friends into my garden.

Our Butterfly bush was a big hit with the butterflies too.  Hummingbirds enjoyed it as well. 

When the humidity kicks up the dragonflies make they're showing in my garden and sit or a while.

Now In My Garden:
I just transferred my new seedlings and hope once again I will have an abundant of greens. I sowed all in late summer and I have sown more seeds to keep the garden going as long a possible.  

I am trying to be careful at what I plant next to each other, companion growing. 

The beds look a bit bare but I hope they will fill in soon. I am trying out ladder mesh for my pea trellis.  I have seen them being used in many gardens.

What I have growing this fall/winter and hope through early spring are all kinds of mix lettuce, (Farmer's Market Blend and Sassy Salad mix from Botanical Interests.  Any of their mixes are great!),  Broccoli Di Cicco (first time growing broccoli), Kale "Nero Toscana, Spinach "Lavewa", Leeks, carrots, dwarf sugar peas and herbs.  Oh and baby bok choy.  I will keep you updated and share what did well this time around.  

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Have a wonderful and blessed day.