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grateful heart"

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bacopa and Sunsprite Patio Tree Rose

 I do not think I have told you that I really like this Bacopa (abunda giant white), that I purchased at my local garden center last year.
What caught my attention to purchase this plant was the way they garden center had it in hanging in baskets. The plant cascaded so beautifully and I knew I had to have one.
Right now where I have it is under the patio and the tiny flowers pop right now with the Fall sun.

(click onto the photo to see it larger)

I think I make transfer it into a larger container.
I have cut this plant back and it grows back with no problem.

It look beautiful on its own or with other plants

Right now, the roses are loving this Fall weather.  I think it is the perfect time for roses.  In the afternoon sun the rose also glow. 

The do not make good cut flowers but the look so pretty on the tree.

Yellow mum that I purchased back in 2012.  It was in a 4" pot when I brought it home. It is so pretty right now.
The name on the tag, "Bethany yellow".
A perfect plant for Fall.

Thank you for your comments on my last couple of posts.
I hope to post soon another quilt.  I hope to find fabric for the outer border.  It is another flannel quilt. 

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Apple Picking, Parcels and Garden

A lot of photos to share.
Hubby and I went to one of our favorite places to visit during the Fall season.
Oak Glen

For the past 20 years, we have enjoyed this beautiful little place
but it has changed and a lot of stores have closed and
a lot more homes and business  have been built.

(Click onto the photos to see them larger)

Los Rios Ranch
here is their web page for more information.

They have a lot of fastivites during the months October - December 

The have a neat store inside and also a wonderful bakery.

We took our boy too.

Apple trees are so beautiful

Hey-rides there too.

Our next stop

The little deer had no problem coming up to Opie.

This adorable little pup was so happy to see Opie.
This was a booth that sold sunglass for dogs.
No, we did not buy any for Opie.

Inside the village they have tiny stores that look like doll houses.

They are so cute.  I would love to own one of these.

Our last stop 

We brought home a bag of Jonagold apples and some apricot jam.

there is nothing like fresh apples just picked.

I also received some beautiful parcels

 the first one is from Marlene.
She sent me some beautiful handmade papers, embellishments and this beautiful apron.

Here is her YouTube video HERE, where she talks about how she altered some canvas aprons.

 and another gorgeous ATC.  
Here is one of her videos that she shares how she makes her fabric ATC's

The next parcel is from
Her blog is called Lizzie the quilter

She is a talented quilter and quilt designer.

She also loves to garden.

 She sent me one of her pincushions and quilted bags.
She also added some wonderful fabrics from her stash also with some scrapbook papers, stickers and
some wonderful photos of her past creations.

Thank you ladies for your sweet kindness.

In the Garden.

I'm trying to grow carrots in containers.
I had four but the cutworms destroyed one of the containers.

The Fall weather here in Southern California is perfect for my roses.
I think we are past the extreme heat.

 I thought the butternut vine was done. When Hubby went out to take the vine out, He saw two nice size butternuts.
Amazing.  We will leave them on the vine to see if they will continue  to ripen. 

 Last year we found a tiny shoot growing in our raise bed.  It was a maple tree.
Hubby transplanted into a container and so far is doing great.

The leaves on it are starting to change.

One last thing.
I finished my laundry curtains.

I found the perfect fabric from my local 
quilt store

The top valance I used a large gingham.  There was no marking on the salvage of the manufacture.
The pretty floral fabric is "bonnie & camille" line called Scruptious (Moda fabric).
I did line the curtains using 

Next step is to paint the room.

Here is the book that I used to help be make my curtians.
I have had this book for very long time and has been very helpful.

Thank you for stoping by.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Christmas Flannel Quilt

Here is a quilt that should have been done about 7 years ago.
The reason for not completing it back then?
The quilt pattern had two different blocks to make a beautiful large quilt.
I sewed up both sets of blocks and they cam out two different sizes.   : (

I was so frustrated, I just put it away.  This year I promised myself that I would work on my unfinished quilts.  The first one I posted a while ago, HERE

I took one set of the blocks and laid them out and this is the pattern I got and a smaller quilt, lap size.

This is a flannel quilt.
It was the first time making a quilt using flannel and it was a bit more delicate to work with.
The fabric unraveled more and the it had a lot more stretch to it than cotton fabric.
I needed to be more careful with the blocks when ironing the seams, no seam either.

The block size is 6-1/2

This one will be going to Hubby and I have another set of blocks to work with.

I will try to work on that soon but now I need to get to my next sewing project, curtains for my laundry room.

Thank you for your nice comments on my boy Opie.
Yes, he is a sweetie.
Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Opie My Cardigan Corgi

A photo of my adorable cardigan corgi Opie.

Have a wonderful day.