"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Monday, September 17, 2018


 It has been a long while since I lasted posted.  I need to do some catching up.  So lets start with these beauties, Cosmos.
 A sweet gift from a dear friend, Bev had sent me seeds from Renee's Garden.  They were the Dancing Petticoat blend and I bought some seeds from Botanical Interests.  It was their Double Click Blend.  So I had an amazing variety of cosmos.

 Double Click
 Sea Shell


 It was sad when their season ended.  I had hoped that the cosmos would have a longer growing period, but in my area this year, we had a very humid summer.  That brought a lot of powdery mildew to them.  But I enjoyed every bit of what I was able to grow and enjoy in beautiful bouquets.


Janneke said...

So many different beautiful Cosmeas. I have this year only the single white one, which are almost at their end now.
Wish you happy gardening!

Down by the sea said...

This made me smile as I am sitting infront of a vase full of cosmos and dahlias. Each year the re seems to be more and more different varieties of cosmos. I have a wonderful double one too. Sarah x