"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Friday, January 12, 2018

Sequoia Strawberries

I have a correction to make.  I think I mentioned that I was growing Alpine strawberries.  No, I am growing SEQUOIA!  I  no idea where I got that mix up.  I know there is a variety of Alpine but I'm not growing them.  Oops.

These are the first of the season for us.  I surprised how early they are producing.  But, in Southern California, we have mild winters, most of the time.
Hubby did clean up this area where we are going them.  It was pretty crowed.  They shoot of a lot of starter plants.  We started this patch in 2016, end of the season. 2017  was a pretty good year for them.

I added the to my yogurt.  They are so sweet!

 We also had some plants in a wine barrel container and they did really well in it, but the barrel was getting old and we thought it was a better to transfer them into Strawberry containers.  I hope they will do well and the birds keep away from them.

 The ones that are growing in the patch, need to be protected from the pillbug and other insects that like them also.  I try to prop them up on the leaves of the plants.  Some light gauged fencings (chicken wire) may work.  Make little props for them.

I hope they will do well again this year.  They look so beautiful.

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