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" Van Gogh

Friday, February 23, 2018

Drying Roses and Lavender

I enjoy drying my roses.  Not all do well.  I have better luck with my mini roses and it seems that spring is the best time to get the perfect roses and rose buds for drying.

 These are the JACute roses that I posted early this month.  I do use a floral spray.  It helps to preserve them for longer use.
 These to jars that I decorated were from my Sumer garden back in 2014.

Dried lavender and roses.

It is nice to bring them out on those winter cold days as you wait for your spring and summer garden to start blooming.
At the moment here in Southern California we are having a late winter.  Suddenly we are having very cold weather.  Cool for us here in Southern California.  

I hope to start and dry more of my roses this year.  

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Down by the sea said...

I don't have much success in drying roses, what do you find is the best way to do it?
Sarah x