"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
" Van Gogh

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Summers End - September 2021


The "Cherry Baby Hybrid" tomatoes have taken over one of the beds.  There is a sage plant somewhere there.  The seeds came from Burpee. One plant  would have been plenty for Hubby and I but I had over seeded and I could not toss them.

They are super sweet too.

They are so tasty roasted.

I will also freeze batchesfor later use.

A wonderful surprise this year in my garden, the "baby snack yummy bells", seeds from Renee's Garden

They are beautiful and sweet tasting. They are great roasted and a wonderful tasting condiment to your pizzas and hamburgers.  Persistence paid off.    I have bought more seeds for next year , but they will be the red and yellow baby bells.
A look at my rose area that I have been transitioning into a butterfly and hummingbirds garden. I hope to add another butterfly bush soon.  The one that is in the photos is a compact type called "Purple Haze-Lo&Behold".  Also, a compact manzanita bush, Howard Mcminn from Armstrong garden center. 

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Saturday, August 14, 2021

My Garden in August 2021

The tomatoes are out of control but I am not complaining.  A new type of tomato for my this year, "Cherry Baby Hybrid",(Burpee)
Next to this amazing cluster is a "Baby Snack Yummy Bell pepper, Renee's Garden seeds.  
Yep, they will ripen all at once, but I am ready.  I have plans in my kitchen for them.  
Companion growing next to the tomato plants are three types of basil.  Genovese basil (Botanical Interests), purple opal (Renee's Garden) and Cardinal (Botanical Interests).

All three are beautiful and I have made a lot of pesto and have some in my freezer for later use.  

Late summer sowing.  

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Sunday, April 11, 2021

April 2021 - In my Garden

Wow, April folks.  

 A morning shot of my garden and it is about that time to say good-bye to my fall - winter garden. I had a blessed season and I have already started sowing my summer vegetables, flowers and herbs. 

But, lets recap with a few more photos before I take out and replenish the bed for summer.

The violets just sprouted on their own and they added color to my lettuce and kale bed. 

This bed had a mix of different types of lettuce, spinach,  carrots, cilantro, parsley and radishes.  

These photos show what I was able to harvest from fall through a few days ago.
Amazing and I think I may get one last haul of lettuce.

Snow peas did pretty good. I like that the vines did not grow too tall and perfect for a small gardens.
Seeds from Seeds of Change, organic heirloom "dwarf grey sugar pea pod"

My dwarf meyer lemon tree.
 I am so happy the little tree is doing so well. I had it planted in a large container and not much of growth or flower production, (about 2 years). Now that it is planted in the ground it seems to love it new home. Look at all the blooms and lemons. 

 Now for some  flowers.

All kinds a beauty here.
I gathered this bouquet from the garden and along our parkway (a space along the street)
Cosmos, larkspurs, cornflowers, nigella, yarrow and sweet Williams

A patch that brings a smile to my face when I drive into my drive into my driveway or walking home from my walks.
The Spanish lavender was planted about 15 years ago, started from seed. 

A beautiful, spectacular and interesting flower, in my opinion.
These were started from seed in the fall. Seeds came from Floret
This is their "Starry Night mix"

Not a tidy plant but I think it is worth a try.
I sown the seeds directly into the ground long one of my planters (North facing side of the house), there are a few plants here.

"Sherbet Toned Chantilly mix
Seeds from Floret

First time growing this type of snapdragon flower.  Seeds were sown in the fall, September - October. 

Love the colors so far in my garden.   Thank you for visiting my blog.  

Take care and have a wonderful day.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Hello Spring 2021

What is growing in my garden?

Purple sage

It is planted next to my  snow pea vines. 


Tonda di Pargi carrots

My fall and winter garden did an amazing job of producing beautiful greens, violas, carrots, herbs and nasturtiums. 
The snow peas are starting to produce and I hope the will continue. 
First bouquet from my garden. 
The Sweet Williams are starting to finally bloom.  It took almost 2 seasons for them to bloom.  I started them from seed. 

A new variety of pansies called Rococo mix from Floret Seeds
I love to press flowers from my garden.  I need to get busy and do something with them.

These are being pressed.  The violas have self sown themselves in my garden.  Maybe next year, instead of pressing them, try to use them in my baking.

Thank you for visiting and hope to have more photos to share of the garden.
Have a beautiful spring season.