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" Van Gogh

Sunday, April 11, 2021

April 2021 - In my Garden

Wow, April folks.  

 A morning shot of my garden and it is about that time to say good-bye to my fall - winter garden. I had a blessed season and I have already started sowing my summer vegetables, flowers and herbs. 

But, lets recap with a few more photos before I take out and replenish the bed for summer.

The violets just sprouted on their own and they added color to my lettuce and kale bed. 

This bed had a mix of different types of lettuce, spinach,  carrots, cilantro, parsley and radishes.  

These photos show what I was able to harvest from fall through a few days ago.
Amazing and I think I may get one last haul of lettuce.

Snow peas did pretty good. I like that the vines did not grow too tall and perfect for a small gardens.
Seeds from Seeds of Change, organic heirloom "dwarf grey sugar pea pod"

My dwarf meyer lemon tree.
 I am so happy the little tree is doing so well. I had it planted in a large container and not much of growth or flower production, (about 2 years). Now that it is planted in the ground it seems to love it new home. Look at all the blooms and lemons. 

 Now for some  flowers.

All kinds a beauty here.
I gathered this bouquet from the garden and along our parkway (a space along the street)
Cosmos, larkspurs, cornflowers, nigella, yarrow and sweet Williams

A patch that brings a smile to my face when I drive into my drive into my driveway or walking home from my walks.
The Spanish lavender was planted about 15 years ago, started from seed. 

A beautiful, spectacular and interesting flower, in my opinion.
These were started from seed in the fall. Seeds came from Floret
This is their "Starry Night mix"

Not a tidy plant but I think it is worth a try.
I sown the seeds directly into the ground long one of my planters (North facing side of the house), there are a few plants here.

"Sherbet Toned Chantilly mix
Seeds from Floret

First time growing this type of snapdragon flower.  Seeds were sown in the fall, September - October. 

Love the colors so far in my garden.   Thank you for visiting my blog.  

Take care and have a wonderful day.

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